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5 dead and 17 injured in terrorist attack in central Vienna Austria. suspect is a supporter of the terrorist organization "Islamic State"

Austrian Minister of the Interior: At least one gunman is at large, please don’t go out

by YCPress

November 3 On the evening of the 2nd local time, a terrorist attack occurred in a synagogue in Vienna, the capital of Austria. It is reported that a lot of gunfire was heard at the scene, and the casualties are still unclear. 

Austrian Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer stated on social media that this confrontation with terrorists is continuing and citizens are requested not to leave their homes.

Nehammer posted on Twitter that at least one gunman was at large, and it is estimated that many heavily armed personnel were involved in the attack. He said that citizens should stay at home and remain vigilant at this time. If there is any news, notify the police in time, but do not release it publicly.

According to CNN’s previous report, the Austrian side said that gunmen with automatic weapons launched attacks at six locations in the center of Vienna at the same time, causing at least 1 death and 15 injuries, including one policeman who was seriously injured. 

On the other hand, Russian Satellite News Agency quoted a police source as saying that the shooting resulted in 7 deaths. In addition to Nehammer, Austrian Chancellor Kurz also stated that this was a terrorist attack and that the army had been summoned to protect various buildings.

At least one gunman is at large in the Vienna terrorist attack. Austrian Chancellor: the suspect is “well-trained”

Late at night on November 2, local time, a terrorist attack occurred in the Austrian capital Vienna. Multiple gunmen opened fire at six locations including a synagogue, killing one person and injuring 15 others. The suspect was shot by the Austrian police and died. Austrian Chancellor Kurz said in response that the terrorist suspect was “well-equipped and well-trained.”

According to news from the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 2nd, the Austrian police are currently launching a large-scale operation in Vienna. Austrian Chancellor Kurz said that the Austrian military will assume part of the police duties during this period so that the police can capture the suspect as soon as possible. Kurtz emphasized that the gunmen were “well-equipped and well-trained.”

In addition, the Austrian Ministry of the Interior said that at least one gunman is still at large, calling on the public to avoid going out and stay away from public places. At the same time, Vienna primary and secondary schools will be closed on the 3rd.

According to local Austrian media OE24, when the attack occurred, the gunman shot at least 50 times. Austrian media Die Presse reported that the first fire was fired at about 20 o’clock on the 2nd. There were 3 gunmen. There are currently 15 injured people admitted to hospital for treatment, of which 7 were seriously injured.