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Fauci: The US can control pandemic without closing the city

Trump wants to “fire” Fauci?

by YCPress

The fate of Anthony Fauci, who was referred to by the media as the “anti-pandemic captain” of Coronavirus pandemic in United States, has attracted attention due to a sentence of US President Donald Trump.

The Associated Press and CNN reported that at a campaign rally that lasted until after midnight on November 1, many participants chanted “fire Fauci” and Trump “thanks for this suggestion.” Tell them to wait “a little while” after the presidential election.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is an important member of the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force, and has repeatedly made remarks against Trump on the Coronavirus pandemic. Trump criticized Fauci again at the campaign rally that day, saying that he was “a good man, but made a lot of mistakes.”

The US presidential election was held on the 3rd, and Trump sought re-election. His rival is Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

In an interview with the Washington Post on October 31, Fauci once again warned about the prospect of the US pandemic and called on the US to make immediate changes in pandemic prevention. He also said that Trump and Biden have different “angles” in responding to the pandemic.

White House spokesman Judd Dier accused Fauci of “choosing to play politics three days before the election”, “criticizing the president in the media, and publicizing his political leanings by praising his opponents in the presidential campaign”.