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Impeached again Peruvian Congress reopens impeachment proceedings against President Vizcarra

by YCPress

On the 2nd local time, the Peruvian Congress initiated the impeachment proceedings against the current President Vizcarra with 60 votes in favor, 40 votes against and 18 abstentions. This is also another impeachment motion after the “Recording Door” impeachment case in September this year.

The impeachment stems from the Peruvian Solidarity Party accusing President Vizcarra of “moral incompetence” on the 20th of last month and submitting a motion to Congress. 

According to Peruvian media reports, the Peruvian Solidarity Party claimed that Vizcarra was suspected of serious corruption. Several entrepreneurs confessed to having served as the governor of Moquegua in Vizcarra during the period of Vizcarra (2011-2014). The amount of bribes involved was as high as 2.3 million soles 800.000,00$.

According to the agenda, Congress will debate and vote on the presidential impeachment on the 9th of this month. The impeachment of the president requires the support of at least 87 members of Congress.

In September of this year, opposition member Edgar Alarcon submitted three audio recordings to Congress, in which there was a dialogue between Vizcara and government officials on how to respond to the Peruvian singer Richard Cisneros contract scandal. 

Opposition lawmakers accused Vizcarra of “facilitating” Cisneros and tried to hinder investigations against the officials involved. Subsequently, dozens of members of the Peruvian Congress jointly launched a motion to impeach Vizcarra. 

On the 18th of the same month, the Congress voted on the impeachment of President Vizcarra. The impeachment was rejected because the number of votes for the impeachment did not reach two-thirds of the total seats in Congress.