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A trump supporters..

by YCPress

According to Newsweek on the 15th, a former policeman in Houston, Texas, was arrested on the same day. Previously, he threatened an air conditioner repairman with a gun and forced him to admit that he had “hide 750,000 false votes” to tamper with the results of the U.S. election.

Image taken from the local news in the United States “KHOU 11”

The suspect in this case is reportedly named Mark Anthony Aguire, 63 years old, who had previously served as sheriff in the Houston police station.

According to Aguire’s confession, he firmly believes that there is a mastermind of “extra-large ballot fraud” in Houston. After four days of tracking, Aguire targeted a local male citizen. Aguire told the police that the man hid 750,000 votes for counterfeiting in the truck he drove.

Based on such absurd ideas, on October 19, Aguire deliberately drove an SUV into the truck that he thought was full of “fake votes”. When he thought the “fake” got off the bus, Aguire suddenly pulled out his pistol to force the man to lie on the ground, and then went to the truck to find the so-called ” Evidence”.

Embarrassingly, after police investigation, it was found that the victim was originally an air conditioning repairman. His truck only had maintenance tools, and there was no so-called “fake vote”.

According to the relevant documents of the case, Aguire told the police that he was working for an organization called the Freedom Center for God and Homeland. However, after the police investigation, it was found that what Aguire did not mention was that the organization paid him a total of 266,000 US dollars, of which 211,000 was deposited into his account the day after his crime.

It is not clear why the organization paid this amount, especially after the operation found that Aguire had found the wrong target, why it still paid most of the final payment. Judging from the available evidence, Aguire is suspected of using deadly weapons to injure and imprison others, and is likely to face a punishment of 20 years in prison.

According to the official website, the organization called the Center for Freedom of God and Home declares to “maintain the constitutional authority of the United States and protect American democracy”. The homepage of the website has issued an open letter under the name of “President Trump’s Call” calling on its supporters to resist the so-called “election fraud” phenomenon in this year’s U.S. election. In addition, the organization’s Facebook and other social media platforms will also be updated daily, but a lot of content is a “conspiracy theory” refuted by rumors.

Image taken from the official website of “God and Home Freedom Center”

In a November 17 report, The New York Times defined the organization as a “right-wing group”, and it was reported that it had co-financed a website that spread election conspiracy theories with other groups with similar political positions.

Photo Source: The New York Times