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Is the world’s largest pornography website going cold?

by YCPress

Previously, the “New York Times” and many other foreign media have reported that the world’s largest pornography website “Pornhub” has been uploading illegal or seriously ethical video content. Under the condemnation of many media reports, people everywhere have reached an unprecedented climax in opposition to Pornhub.

Source: News Australia

According to data, the Pornhub website was established in Canada in 2007. It used to provide users with free viewing of pornographic videos and for users to upload pornographic videos to obtain huge traffic, and even once boarded the forefront of the global website traffic rankings.

For a long time, due to the sensitivity of the content itself and the loopholes in the website’s operating model, many users will upload pornographic videos obtained through secret photography and theft to the platform to earn revenue, or use the platform’s loose supervision to promote racism and other ideas. Therefore, many countries including China have imposed restrictions on browsing this website.

Racist content suspected of discriminating against Asians on Pornhub, source: Twitter

Earlier this year, the BBC reported that a video of a woman who discovered that she was raped at the age of 14 appeared on Pornhub. The woman had spent a lot of time trying to remove the video. The news triggered the supervision of Pornhub by people from all over the world. Bad condemnation.

Source: BBC News

Just last week, a review article in The New York Times once again criticized Pornhub for still containing a large number of videos of rape, candid photography, racism, and abuse. What is even more sensational is that the author of this article found thousands of pornographic videos of minors with just a few simple keywords. Soon after the article was published, payment channel service providers MasterCard and Visa announced the suspension of services to Pornhub.

The author of the “New York Times” review article stated in the headline, “Pornhub has made changes, but it is far from enough.”

Source: The New York Times

However, many media and readers who forwarded the article also believed that the moral and legal issues involved in Pornhub may be “structural and difficult to change”, and the only way to cure it is to shut it down completely.

Picture taken from the petition website

Recently, Pornhub issued a statement stating that the website will form a professional review team to crack down on illegal content. Beginning in 2021, only users who have completed identity verification can upload videos on the website in order to be held accountable for illegal content. Regarding the video content, Pornhub announced that the person who appeared in the video must be a cooperating performer who has been certified and reported on the website to ensure that private videos will not be illegally uploaded to the website.

However, from previous reports, the above-mentioned problems of Pornhub have been around for a long time. Although the Pornhub team has repeatedly announced rectifications, the problems have been increasing. Therefore, the petition calling for the complete shutdown of Pornhub is far higher than ever. Statistics show that 2.16 million netizens have participated in the petition to “close Pornhub”.