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72 Total death in South Korea “vaccine turmoil” is getting worse! death is about 80%

by YCPress

According to a report from the Korean Disease Management Agency on the 29th, as of 0:00 local time on the 29th, the total number of deaths in Korea after influenza vaccination reached 72. 

The Korean Agency for Disease Control said that due to the low causal link between related deaths and vaccination, influenza vaccination will continue.

Since the implementation of influenza vaccination in Korea this fall, 16.44 million people, approximately 30% of the Korean population, have completed the vaccination.

The Korean Agency for Disease Control said yesterday that as of 0:00 on October 29, a total of 1551 cases had abnormal reactions, including 72 deaths .

these deaths, most of them were people who were vaccinated free of charge, of which 86.1% were people over 70 years old . Judging from the time from vaccination to death, nearly 60% of cases died more than 48 hours after vaccination.

The Korean Disease Management Agency also announced the autopsy status of the deceased. No abnormalities were found in the 40 deaths that have undergone autopsy. 

The 31 deaths that have not yet been autopsied have underlying diseases including hypertension, diabetes, and asthma. The clinical diagnosis is that the underlying disease has deteriorated or died due to other reasons , and there is one death.

The case is confirming whether to perform an autopsy.

According to the investigation by the Korean Agency for Disease Control, the vaccines used by the deceased came from 42 production batches of 7 companies.

The vaccines vaccinated by the deceased were not concentrated on a certain company’s vaccine, and the vaccinated institutions were also different.

Regarding the reaction of the Korean people to the difference in the pain during vaccination between Korean-made vaccines and imported vaccines, the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency responded that the vaccines received this time came from 12 products from 10 companies in Korea and overseas, and all products used were Needles of the same specification.

At the same time, at the influenza vaccination work briefing session hosted by the Korean Disease Control Agency, a Korean expert said that the influenza vaccine has undergone long-term safety verification and the production method has been standardized. T

hey believe that imported vaccines are more effective than Korean vaccines. There is no basis.

In order to eliminate public anxiety, following the vaccinations conducted by two senior government officials, the Prime Minister of State and the Minister of Health and Welfare

the director of the Korean Disease Management Agency also received influenza vaccine yesterday afternoon.

The Korean Agency for Disease Control stated that it will continue to promote the vaccination work according to the schedule. It also reminds the public that they must be vaccinated when they are in good health and must be observed in a medical institution for 15 to 30 minutes before leaving. If breathing occurs If you have symptoms such as difficulty, seek medical attention immediately.