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Australia Black Summer Wildfire

Australia Black Summer Wildfire Final Report Released, Committee Makes 80 Recommendations

by YCPress

October 30 Source is to Australia.com, from the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, severe wildfires occurred in Australia, killing at least 33 people. The final investigation report of this wildfire was released on October 30, 2020. 

The report stated that the government should have the right to declare the country into a state of emergency as soon as possible; air fire fighting capabilities need to be strengthened urgently; a nationally consistent disaster warning system should be launched immediately.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison referred to the fire disaster as Australia’s “black summer”. 

According to reports, after convening 270 witnesses and reviewing more than 70,000 documents, the Royal Australian Wildfire Commission announced on the 30th the results of a 1,000-page investigation and made 80 recommendations. 

Of these, 14 are directly directed at the federal government, 23 are directed at state and territory governments, and 41 are shared responsibilities, including the passage of new legislation that gives the federal government broader powers to declare a state of emergency, as well as vegetation management and disaster reduction proceed checking.

The chairman of the investigation committee, Mark Binskin, said that the investigation found that future extreme weather events will “regrettably become more frequent and serious” due to climate change. Continuous and intensified natural disasters will give the country emergency management. Arrangements bring increasing pressure.

The wildfires in Australia in the summer of 2019 destroyed nearly 24 million hectares of land, destroyed more than 3,000 houses, and killed 33 people.

Hundreds of others died from dense smoke that covered most of the country. In order to prevent similar disasters in the future, the committee recommends that the federal government be given greater power to declare a state of emergency.

The report stated: “The statement should be made by the Prime Minister. The legislation clearly states the specific circumstances and what actions the federal government can take to support the state and local governments.”

Such a statement will show the community the seriousness of the situation and enable agencies and The troops are on high alert and will mean that the federal government can respond to an ongoing disaster.

In response, Federal Minister of Emergency Management Littleproud stated that the government intends to accept all 80 recommendations. He said: “The government intends to cooperate with the states…I think these recommendations are very pragmatic, and we will continue to advance.

The Federation will now carefully and systematically consider the report and its recommendations, and the states and territories will do the same. We are committed to responding and Implement many of the recommendations in the report.”