Home Politics Your Land ? The song she sang at Biden’s inaugural made Native Americans unhappy.
Your Land ? The song she sang at Biden's inaugural made Native Americans unhappy.

Your Land ? The song she sang at Biden’s inaugural made Native Americans unhappy.

by YCPress

The land dispute between the American authorities and the Aboriginal people has a long history.

Last December, Biden nominated an indigenous native as Secretary of the Interior, which made the American media shout that “the relationship between the two sides will usher in a major turning point”.

But at Biden’s inauguration, the female singer sang “This land is your land”, which aroused the dissatisfaction of some Native Americans.

Screenshot of Associated Press report

According to the Associated Press on the 22nd, Jennifer Lopez, the “American Queen”, sang the song “This Land is Your Land”, known as the “second national anthem of the United States”. Land).

But after the ceremony, not only did the natives show dissatisfaction with the words “your land” in the lyrics, but the song itself is reminiscent of the long-standing land dispute between the American authorities and the Natives.

Native tribes across the United States held traditional celebrations at Biden’s inauguration, according to the Associated Press – after all, the new president made some beneficial Native decisions, and the nomination of Native Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior is an excellent example.

But at the inauguration, only the priest’s prayers mentioned these indigenous people.

Then Lopez sang the song “This land is your land”.

Video screenshot: Lopez sang at Biden’s inauguration ceremony

“Why is it necessary to sing this song at the inaugural ceremony,” said Kristen Herring, a native of Texas.

“This Land is Your Land” was written in the 1940s.

In addition to the title of the song, there is also a sensitive lyric: This land was built for you and me.

The Associated Press said that the lyrics were “wrong” for some indigenous people who were committed to proving that the land was passed down by their ancestors.

Benny Wayne Sully, an indigenous native living in Los Angeles, asked, “Is this land built for you and me, or for white people? People forget that before the arrival of the colonists, this land was built for the ‘brown-skinned indigenous people’.”

Another indigenous person, Cherie Tebo, said that the song was “inappropriate” and stressed that some Americans “know little about the indigenous people”.

She said that people need to understand that this land “do not belong to us” and if we must define it, it should also be “we belong to this land”.

More people shared their views on the song on Twitter, but most people in the “non-Native” group obviously cannot empathe.

One netizen retorted: “He [Biden] has joined the cabinet of an indigenous people, and he has also stopped the oil pipeline that destroyed your land. It’s his first day. Let him take a break!”

There are also comments: “4,000 people can die a day (coronavirus patients), and a song is also a problem?”

In addition, someone said bluntly: “They [the indigenous people] lost the war and they were conquered. Let’s go there. In other countries, conquered civilizations do not receive these privileges.

These remarks soon attracted rebuttal.

“If I steal your house,” asked an indigenous hostage, “I forced you to live in a small area of the house, and then I took over the rest and marched around the house and shouted ‘This house is mine,’, don’t you complain?”

Another native said, “There are too many things to be frustrated about this inauguration.”

“As an indigenous person, this song is nothing to me.

Our land, people and cultural heritage have been destroyed and neglected and are continuing, which is the bigger problem.

We are in the middle of the gap with most Americans.” Someone wrote.

“This Land is Your Land” was written by Woody Guthrie, a famous American folk singer, and is known as the “second national anthem” in the United States.

In Biden’s inauguration, Lopez also added some Spanish-language oaths of allegiance to the song, which can be translated as “Justice for All”.

The Associated Press said that the song symbolizes equality, tolerance and solidarity.

In December last year, Democratic Rep.

Harland from New Mexico was nominated by Biden as Secretary of the Interior and would be “in charge of tribal affairs”. If she takes office, she will be the first native to serve in the cabinet of the President of the United States.