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Knight Island: What the hell is the location of Fort Detrix Base?

Knight Island: What the hell is the location of Fort Detrix Base?

by YCPress

“If the United States really respects the facts, please open the Fort Detrix base and ask WHO experts to go to the United States to carry out traceability investigations.” On January 18, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in response to the U.S. argument that “China hinders the traceability of the virus”.

In fact, since May 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has named the Fort Detrick base at press conferences many times.


Fort Detrick Base

In fact, many people, including many Americans, suspect that the Fort Detrick base is related to the global spread of the novel coronavirus.

Back to July 2019.

At that time, a deadly disease broke out in a retiree community called Green Spring in Virginia.

ABC reported that more than 50 people in the area developed fever, cough, general weakness and pneumonia, and several people died as a result.

Strangely, almost at the same time, the Fort Detrick Base, a U.S. military biological weapons technology research and development center only one hour’s drive from the community, was closed “mysteriously”.

Eight months later, the COVID-19 epidemic spread widely in the United States.

Later, people posted on the White House petition website asking the U.S. government to clarify whether Fort Detrick was the “original cause” of the novel coronavirus.

American netizens posted on the White House petition website (Source: “We the People” petition website)

Where is the Fort Detrick base?

Politico, one of the most famous political news blogs in the United States, described it as follows: “the center of the darkest experiment of the U.S. government”.

Since 1969, Fort Detrick Base has been the only biosafety level 4 (P4) laboratory in the U.S. military and the most important biological weapons technology research and development agency in the U.S. military.

The base stores dozens of deadly biological agents and toxins such as Ebola virus, Bacillus anthracis and Brucellella, and has carried out experimental research on test agents, drugs, vaccines and other related to them for a long time.

Outside, Fort Detrick has been infamous all the time — and of course, from the perspective of its victims.

For the U.S. government, it is an important asset.

The predecessor of the base was the headquarters of the U.S. Army Biological Warfare Laboratory during World War II.

After the war, the base received the results of bacterial warfare research from Japanese unit 731, which had conducted human experiments in China.

In 1995, the New York Times published an article entitled “Crimes of Unit 731”, which revealed that the U.S. military “wanted to use Japan’s research results on biological weapons for their own potential military purposes”, not only manipulating the trial and pardon of Unit 731 by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, but also hired him.

We work for ourselves. Shiro Ishii, the head of Unit 731, went to the United States as a “biological weapons adviser”.

According to Reference News, during the Cold War, the CIA cooperated with the military to carry out “mind control experiments” with Fort Detrick as the research and development center.

The relevant experiments adopted abusive treatments on subjects such as taking medicine, shock, sensory deprivation, etc. in an attempt to “control the human mind”.

According to the above sources, some prisoners and patients in hospitals have been unknowingly tested.

A prison doctor in Kentucky gave black prisoners hallucinogens developed by Fort Detrick for 77 consecutive days, and many people died or were insane.

It was not until the 1970s that the CIA ordered the destruction of experimental drugs and poisons developed and stored in Fort Detrick.

The CIA carried out “ideological control experiment” with Fort Detrick as its research and development center (Source: US media)

It is suspected that the Fort Detrick base is also related to some previous “experimental accidents” and biological terrorist attacks.

According to the American media ABC, in the early 1990s, there was a loss of deadly strains and poison strains such as anthrax at the Fort Detrick base; in 2001, in the anthrax attack that caused panic in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) accused the suspect of coming from Fort Detrick.

At that time, the U.S. media said that a scientist working at the Fort Detrick base put deadly poisons into letters and launched anthrax biological terrorist attacks.

The incident killed 5 people, infected 17 people, and 20,000 Americans had to take antibiotics to resist the virus.

In 2011, ABC reported that “fatal cancer clusters were found near Fort Detrick”.

After a year-long investigation, two American civil society organizations found that the number of cancers in the residents of the region was alarming, and at least 80 households filed claims with the military; local media said that in the 20 years from 1992 to 2011, there were 2,247 cancer cases in the Fort Detrick area, with an abnormally high proportion.

In addition, the accident report of Fort Detrick obtained by USA TODAY shows that from 2013 to 2014 alone, there were 37 ruptures or perforations in the pressurized protective clothing used by the base staff, which can be seen as a protective loophole.

Until July 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suddenly ordered the temporary closure of the Fort Detrick base and suspended its “research work on highly pathogenic pathogens”.

The reason given by the CDC is that “there is no effective system enough to purify wastewater discharged from this highest safety level laboratory”. CDC declined to release more information for “national security” reasons.

The base was closed and a series of public health incidents followed.

In addition to the “fatal disease” in the aforementioned “Green Spring” community, there was a subsequent outbreak of “inexplicable e-cigarette disease”; followed by influenza, which tens of millions of people in the United States were infected and tens of thousands of people died.

On March 11, 2020, CDC Director Robert Redfield publicly admitted: “Some flu deaths are actually infected with COVID-19.”

These strange “coincidents” deepen the suspicion of the outside world.

In the United States, there are increasing calls for a thorough investigation of the links between the Fort Terrick base and unknown diseases, influenza and COVID-19. But this has not changed the decision of the CDC to fully resume research work at the Fort Detrick base last March.

In addition to the Fort Detrick base, there are many biological laboratories in the United States “unknown use” around the world.

According to the data of the American Federation of Scientists quoted by the New York Times, 13 P4 laboratories are currently in operation or under construction in the United States, and another 1,495 P3 laboratories have been put into use.

Globally, the United States has deployed more than 200 military biological laboratories in 25 countries.

According to the survey of USA Today, hundreds of “human accidental exposure to fatal microorganism accidents” have occurred in U.S.

laboratories since 2003. These exposures may lead to direct contacts being infected by the deadly virus, and may also allow the virus to spread to the community through individuals, forming an epidemic.

For example, in 2014, the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory of the United States Department of Agriculture in Georgia suffered two air purification filter failures, which exposed researchers directly to the H5N1 avian influenza virus strain.

In April 2020, Ukraine said that after the opening of 15 U.S. military biological laboratories in Ukraine, the There have been “dangerous diseases” outbreaks in the country.

In response, Mark Lipsic, professor of epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, et al. said in their paper: “If 10 American biological laboratories conduct related experiments for 10 years, laboratory staff will have a 20% chance of being infected by one of the new superfluenza viruses and transmitted to others

The United States knows that it is risky to do these experiments, but it is still determined to put human lives at risk.

At present, all mankind is facing the dangers and challenges of the spread of COVID-19. It is a scientific question of where the virus originated.

From 2020 to now, scientific research shows that the spread of COVID-19 in human groups is likely to have occurred as early as 2019.

But the specific conclusions are likely to take many years to be revealed, just like the traceability of the SARS virus.

The traceability of the virus requires international cooperation, and an open, fair, transparent and scientific attitude.

Conspiracy theory and smear by politicians are not advisable.

However, since March last year, many American politicians (most of which have now stepped down) have, on the one hand, hurriedly stigmatized the virus as a “Chinese virus” and said that the virus originated in China.

On the other hand, they have closed their attention to the more than 1,000 biological laboratories established in their own countries, and taboo about the sudden closure and restart of the Fort Detrick base. Deep.

This is not a responsible attitude of scientific openness, but a “double standard” political manipulation.

Since 2020, China has received many batches of WHO investigations to China, and relevant experts have made timely and fair information disclosures to the world.

Now the United States has also stated that it has rejoin the WHO.

If it really “respects the facts” as it says, then you may as well open the Fort Detrick base and ask WHO to do more National experts carry out joint traceability surveys.

Otherwise, it is really disgraceful to the great power to hide it and smear other countries all day long without proof.