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Worldwide reached the top number of infected covid-19 again is it Scary?

Worldwide reached the top number of infected covid-19 again, is it Scary?

by YCPress

Coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the United States has continued to deteriorate. Spain and France have successively become countries with more than one million new Coronavirus cases. The United States has newly confirmed more than 80,000 new cases in two consecutive days. International public opinion is worried that with the arrival of autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere, Europe and the United States will face the “counterattack” of the new Coronavirus.

“The whole of Europe is burning”

Statistics from Agence France-Presse on the 22nd showed that there were more than 8 million cases of Coronavirus infection in continental Europe. In the words of French Minister of Health Olivier Verand: “The whole of Europe is burning.”

Spain is the first country in Europe and the sixth country in the world to have more than 1 million confirmed cases. Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez declared a state of emergency again on the 25th. Spain will implement a national curfew in the next 15 days, from 23:00 to 6:00 the next day; the number of social gatherings is limited to 6 people.

Italy added 21,273 confirmed cases on the 25th, a record high in a single day. From the 26th, a series of new measures will be taken to further strengthen the prevention and control of the pandemic.

France newly diagnosed 52010 cases on the 25th, also breaking its record.

The British pandemic showed no signs of slowing down, with 19,790 confirmed cases on the 25th.

Following Polish President Duda, Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov also contracted the Coronavirus. Borisov, 61, announced on his personal social media account on the 25th that he had been tested for the virus twice on the same day and the results were both positive, “although the current state is not good.”

Statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that 83,757 new cases were diagnosed in the United States on the 23rd, and 83,718 were newly diagnosed on the 24th, reaching a daily increase of 80,000, exceeding the single-day record of 77,362 cases on July 16. Since the beginning of October, 29 states have set a record for a single day increase.

At least three senior assistants including Mark Short, the director of the office of Vice President Pence, have confirmed the diagnosis, raising concerns that a new cluster of infections may occur in the White House. White House Chief of Staff Meadows said that “we will not control the pandemic,” emphasizing that vaccines and specific treatments are the key to curbing the rebound of the pandemic.

Be alert to a rebound of the pandemic

Analysts pointed out that the recent pandemic in Europe and the United States has rebounded rapidly for three reasons:

First, with the advent of autumn, the temperature drops and the activity of the new coronavirus has increased. The colder weather has also increased indoor activities, giving the virus an opportunity to spread.

Second, the flu virus has increased the possibility of people contracting the new coronavirus. Medical experts warn that the annual flu season starts in October. If you are infected with the new crown and flu at the same time, the human immune system will be catastrophically affected.

The third is fatigue caused by long-term prevention and control, and the pandemic prevention “fence” may loosen. The number of confirmed cases in European and American countries decreased this summer, and people cannot help but relax their vigilance. Some people in Rome, Italy, Berlin, Germany, The Hague, the Netherlands and other places have also staged protests in recent days to oppose the government’s tightening of restrictions again. In addition, economic difficulties have also increased the difficulty of the government’s decision-making to strengthen pandemic prevention and control measures.

“The next few months will be very severe”

The prevention and control of the Coronavirus pandemic is a protracted battle. Faced with many uncertain factors, we should be more vigilant in autumn and winter.

As WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “We are at an important juncture of the pandemic, especially in the northern hemisphere,” and “the next few months will be very severe.”

The latest data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States shows that as of 7:24 on the 26th Beijing time, there were 4,291,830 confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide, and 1,152,729 deaths. The United States is the country with the largest cumulative number of confirmed and dead cases, with a total of 8,631,921 confirmed cases and a total of 225,212 deaths.

WHO’s aggregated data on the 25th showed that on the 24th, there were more than 460,000 newly diagnosed cases worldwide, a single-day high for three consecutive days. Among them, there are more than 220,000 newly diagnosed cases in Europe, the most among the six regions in the world. The number of cases in many countries has increased exponentially, causing hospitals and intensive care units to approach saturation or overload.