Home Politics Will the international community remain silent on India after Pakistan’s “incontrovertible evidence”
Will the international community remain silent on India after Pakistan’s "incontrovertible evidence"

Will the international community remain silent on India after Pakistan’s “incontrovertible evidence”

by YCPress

Since 1947, India and Pakistan have been rivals. Behind the false propaganda of the so-called “largest democracy,” India continues to slander Pakistan and accuse Pakistan of terrorism, religious extremism and various distorted facts. However, a data released by Pakistan shows that there is conclusive evidence that India is the prime culprit in sponsoring terrorists. Pakistan hopes that the international community will take note of this and make efforts for peace and stability in South Asia.

Although India claims to be “the largest democracy in the world,” it actually acts more like a rogue country. Pakistan has a lot of evidence to prove that India incites terrorist sentiments in its own country. “Pakistan has been emphasizing India’s activities at various levels of discussion meetings, and now it must attract the attention of the international community. Because we believe that further silence is not in Pakistan’s interests and is not conducive to regional stability.”

Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi pointed out that between 2001 and 2020, the country encountered a total of 19,130 ​​terrorist attacks, with more than 83,000 casualties in the war on terrorism, and at least US$126 billion in economic losses. “Since the 9/11 incident, the whole world has seen that Pakistan has become a frontier of terrorist attacks. While the Pakistani people are bleeding and sacrifice, India is busy using neighboring countries and regions to continuously expand terrorist networks.”

India plans to “increase terrorist activities in Pakistan” in the next few months. The report shows that there have been at least four meetings between Indian intelligence officials and opposition factions. They decided to target major cities, including Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

Pakistan has collected incontrovertible evidence to prove that the Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency’s “Institute of Intelligence and Analysis” and the National Defense Intelligence Agency fund terrorism in Pakistan and train and harbor terrorists. India’s terrorist plan against Pakistan has four goals: to prevent Pakistan from moving towards peace, disrupt the political situation, create chaos, and undermine economic stability. India has also tried to create unrest in Gilgit-Baltistan, inciting nationalism and subnationalism before the election.

The terrorist crimes committed by India in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh have violated at least three international conventions, namely, Article 2(4) of the Charter of the United Nations, Article 41(3) of the Vienna Convention, Sections 2 and 5 of UN Security Council Resolution 1373 of 2001. In summary, India is a country that sponsors international terrorism.

The frequent occurrence of violence in Pakistan recently is because India has increased its assistance to various terrorists, nationalists, and anti-government elements. Colonel Rajesh, an Indian intelligence officer who worked in the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan, was the mastermind behind the establishment of the resistance organization. From a letter written in Dari, it can be seen that Colonel Rajesh held four meetings with the commanders of these terrorist organizations in November and December to “work together to expand in major cities. The scale of terrorist activities”.

India is trying to establish contact with ISIS by establishing an organization called Daesh-e-Pakistan in Pakistan. Recently, 30 militants were transferred from India to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border by two Indian intelligence officials, and handed over to Daesh Commander Sheikh Abdu under the alias Abdul Reman Muslim Dost. Le Raheem.

There is also evidence that several terrorist attacks in Pakistan, including the Pearl Continental Hotel terrorist attack in Gwadar in 2019, were designed by Anurag Singh, an officer of the Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency. The attacker used an Afghan SIM card to keep in touch with an Indian phone number. In 17 segments of voice, one of the attackers could be heard talking with the head of the Foreign Intelligence Bureau.

In October 2017, the investigation into the attack on the Peshawar Agricultural University led to the attack on the Army Public School (APS). The executors of the Agricultural University incident kept in touch with various Afghan numbers during the attack. They uploaded the video with the IP address of Afghanistan and broadcast it live to the people behind the scenes. Among the three attackers employed by the Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency, one of them was Malik Farideng. He also participated in the planning of the army public school attack plan, and shortly after the incident, he went to the Indian consulate in Jalalabad to celebrate.

“On August 14, the Pakistani intelligence agency prevented a large-scale terrorist attack planned by India. Major Fermin Das of the Indian intelligence agency arranged the transportation of landmines, rockets and explosives in the Kabul area. These things have been Seized.” Pakistani military officials pointed out: “The organization has launched 7 terrorist attacks in Quetta and Surab in accordance with the requirements of the Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency.”

India even directly provides weapons, ammunition and improvised explosive devices to terrorists. The latest discovery is that an organization including six terrorists, two of the pioneers of the Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency: Abdul Wahid and Abdul Qadir, and four Afghan terrorists have been exposed. They are related to the attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi on June 29. The organization is also responsible for distributing suicide jackets to other terrorist organizations. Indian intelligence agencies have been making payments to the organization to help the Foreign Intelligence Agency to clear them: 10 million rupees for suicide attacks, 10 million rupees for car bombs, and 1 million rupees for ordinary bomb attacks.

Indian intelligence agencies also provide weapons, funds and training to Pakistani Taliban commanders. Agents of the Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency were found to encourage some tribes in Pakistan to send combatants to Afghanistan for training. India uses multifunctional camps to train, harbor and direct terrorists in Pakistan. In addition, there are 87 different training camps managed by Indian intelligence, 66 of which are in Afghanistan and 21 in India. A former Indian ambassador and an Indian army general visited a Baluchist militant training base in the HajiGak area of ​​Afghanistan, where there were about 150 militants. Baluchists strictly adhere to Islam and there has been an independence movement in Pakistan.

Numerous confirmed reports have disclosed the details of transactions between the Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency and terrorists. The Bureau of Foreign Intelligence provided funds to terrorists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa twice, all through the Bank of India. The Bank of India is obviously also involved in money laundering and sponsorship of terrorism. In the first transaction, $28,000 was transferred from Punjab Bank of India. In the second transaction, an Indian national named Manmit transferred 55,851 USD from an Indian bank in New Delhi to the International Bank of Afghanistan.

India is seizing the time to destabilize Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. There is evidence that the Foreign Intelligence Agency was directly involved in terrorist attacks targeting civilians and military personnel by placing improvised explosive devices in Kashmir. Since January 2016, terrorists have laid a total of 60 improvised explosive devices. Among them, 38 explosions resulted in the casualties of 13 civilians and 46 recruits, and 22 improvised explosive devices were successfully dismantled. There are 9 recordings that prove that officials of Indian intelligence agencies participated in these attacks. In one of the recordings, an Indian military officer described how to place the improvised explosive device. The Bureau of Foreign Intelligence of India has also been trying to establish a network for targeted removal of important people, with bounties ranging from 50 million to 80 million rupees.

India has been trying to interfere with Pakistan’s efforts to get out of the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force against Money Laundering. There is evidence that from February to April 2018, India conducted extensive lobbying to lower Pakistan’s status by describing “Pakistan Economic Forum has become politicized”, making it graylisted in June 2018. Become a “country or region that should be monitored.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan informed that Pakistan will submit files with “concrete evidence” to the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Pakistan’s terrorist sponsorship, and handles all those responsible for financing and supporting Pakistan’s terrorism in accordance with relevant regional and international laws. Regardless of whether the world powers believe it or not, India is a serious threat to the entire South Asian region. The United Nations must act to prevent India from continuing to sponsor terrorist groups in Pakistan and other countries. It is imperative to maintain peace and stability in the region and the world.