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Why is Macron so familiar with this?

by YCPress

Anti-epidemic is a big test. The test is the comprehensive capabilities of a country, or an economy, or a large social system.

A piece of French President Macron sounds familiar. Think about it carefully, but it is in secret with the heroic city of Wuhan during the anti-epidemic period that Wuhan has achieved “use its own ‘isolation barrier’ to protect the mountains and rivers without harm”.

However, now, when a variety of mutant COVID-19 has been found in Europe, the United States, Africa and other places, can Western society really achieve the “observance of epidemic prevention restrictions” as Macron called for? Uncle Hai feels that Macron said it was easy, but it was too difficult to realize the whole West!

France’s Express reported a piece of news yesterday (December 23) that Macron said in an interview a few days ago that complying with epidemic prevention restrictions is not a loss of liberty, but to fulfill its responsibility to protect others and is truly humanitarian. Earlier, Macron, who was infected with the novel coronavirus and was in quarantine, also took selfie videos and posted them on social media accounts, urging French people to abide by quarantine measures.

Santa Claus model also wore a mask in front of a supermarket in Paris. Photo: Xinhua News Agency

At present, the situation in France is not optimistic. Its own cumulative number of confirmed cases is more than 2.5 million, and more than 60,000 people have died. Coupled with the recent discovery of more than one mutated coronavirus in the United Kingdom, France hastily closed its ports with the United Kingdom, but under pressure, it reopened its border on Christmas Eve.

There are many criticisms in French society about the series of restrictions imposed on the epidemic in France, which is a violation of freedom. It is also suggested that Macron announced in late November that France would lift the blockade in three steps, but now it is becoming more and more severe, which is too unfree.

People wear masks to play violins for passengers in the Paris subway on December 19.

Macron responded: “Some people think that freedom should be absolute and unrestricted, but I don’t think freedom should be a freedom to infect others and should not ignore their own social responsibility.” He also said: “In order to protect others, especially the frail, we should make concessions freely and in solidarity, and give up some entertainment and convenience. This is true humanitarianism.”

I have to say that even if Macron thinks it clearly, it will be extremely difficult to implement. Implementing four-level epidemic prevention measures in London and other places in the United Kingdom – After the blockade, France immediately announced the closure of the British and French ports, and some truck drivers trapped in Britain quit! Why can’t you go home before Christmas? How terrible Britain is and how bad the situation is can be seen clearly from how dealing with these truck drivers from Europe.

The trapped truck has problems, and the British police come.

British police and trapped truck drivers fight

Nearly 20,000 trucks were supposed to return to Europe, but under the blockade, they lost their way. Take the more than 3,000 trucks trapped in Dover Harbor as an example. Many people originally wanted to transport goods, earn money, go home to their wives and children to prepare for the Spring Festival. Christmas is not the New Year for many people in Britain, France and other countries!

However, because France closed the port after the lockdown of London, these drivers could only look at the other end of the strait and “Lan” in the cab for the New Year. Even the dry food and water they had prepared were exhausted!

Johnson and Macron

Johnson is eager to send these drivers out of the country. He urgently called Macron, just saying that these drivers are sitting alone in the cockpit, and the possibility of contracting the novel coronavirus is not high! You just take it!

What will Macron think? I’m also working. Can you be infected with the novel coronavirus successively by your British Prime Minister and my French President? I, Macron, are still in quarantine. Why don’t these truck drivers who run around get infected? After arriving in England, will the truck driver stay in the cab between loading and unloading the goods? Don’t get out of the car and relax?

Macron initially flatly rejected Johnson’s proposal. Later, after agreeing to reopen the port, France said that the truck driver’s entry into France was premised on the provision of a 72-hour negative nucleic acid test.

Britain and France have reached an agreement to reopen the border, and some passengers can enter France.

But the truck drivers are more angry! The cost of nucleic acid detection has to pay for it yourself! You know, the vast majority of these truck drivers are not included in the British National Health Service.

To do nucleic acid testing in the UK, you have to pay hundreds of pounds yourself – at the exchange rate, it is equivalent to more than 1,000 yuan! Moreover, Britain, with remote testing sites and low detection capabilities, cannot test nearly 20,000 truck drivers!

How messy is this! What can Macron do? He may not even be sure about France. Can he deal with Brexit Britain? After a long discussion, I had to compromise and reopen the port. Isn’t it knowingly impossible to do it?

It’s easier to know than to do! Anti-epidemic is a big test. The test is the comprehensive capabilities of a country, or an economy, or a large social system. Among European and American politicians, not all realize the fastest way to control the epidemic.

However, the organizational mobilization ability of the whole country, the cooperation of the people, the support of the “little partners” country, etc. Taken together, the “shortcoming of the bucket” determines that in some parts of Europe and the United States, the epidemic may be protracted.

Here, Uncle Hai still sincerely hopes that all walks of life in Europe and the United States can reach a consensus as much as possible, recognizing that the virus is the common enemy of mankind and can carry forward the humanitarian spirit so that the epidemic can be defeated as soon as possible.