Home LifestyleHealth The distribution of vaccines in the United States is unfair. This slap is really loud.
The distribution of vaccines in the United States is unfair. This slap is really loud.

The distribution of vaccines in the United States is unfair. This slap is really loud.

by YCPress

“These people never took COVID-19 seriously, and even denied the fact that cases have surged. Why are health care workers not given the opportunity to inject them?”

Since the United States officially approved the emergency use authorization of vaccines, the dispute over unfair distribution of vaccines has been staged many times in the United States.

The Washington Post said that Republican officials who never obey the prevention and control guidelines during the epidemic, and administrators in the medical structure who do not work have given priority to vaccination against the novel coronavirus, “while front-line medical workers a few miles away are still waiting.”

Who called first?

According to the Washington Post, on the 20th local time, Senator Lindsay Graham tweeted photos of him vaccinated and thanked the nurse who vaccinated him, which aroused strong indignation from American netizens.

Lindsay Graham Twitter

Kelly Buschlett, president of the South Carolina Nurses Association, called Graham’s vaccination a “slap in the face” for nurses and other medical professionals who are still waiting for injections.

“It’s shocking that these people never take COVID-19 seriously, or even deny the fact that cases have spiked, why are health care workers not given the opportunity to inject, but they?”

Thousands of people tweeted angrily that Graham refused to accept virus testing and refused to postpone the Supreme Court hearing on the nomination of Barrett before the debate on re-election. Even if he had contact with someone who had COVID-19 at the hearing, he was not eligible for a vaccine.”

In addition to Graham, Texas Governor Greg Abbott became the fourth governor to be vaccinated on the live broadcast. But he refused to take preventive and control measures to curb the spread of the virus during the epidemic. In May this year, he was the first U.S. governor to decide to lift the blockade of the city, which directly led to Texas becoming one of the deadliest epidemic transmission sites in the United States.

At least a quarter of senators have reportedly been vaccinated. The angry American people can’t understand how the Republican group who violated the epidemic prevention regulations in a high profile and remained silent forever when Trump spread misinformation about the virus ran to the forefront of vaccination.

The vaccines these officials received are unknown origins, not drawn from the grants provided to states, but rather “distributed by themselves, with the details kept secret,” a White House official who declined to be named told the Washington Post.

Who hasn’t fought yet?

According to the COVID-19 vaccination plan previously announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first phase of the first phase of the vaccination is medical staff in major hospitals in the United States and the elderly who have long lived in nursing institutions; followed by elderly people aged 75 and above, firefighters, police, postmen and other front-line workers; followed by Older people aged 65 to 74, people aged 16 to 64 with potential health risks and other non-frontline essential workers.

After the above categories of people have completed vaccination, the vaccination will enter the second stage, that is, vaccination for people over 16 years old and not in the first stage.

Georgetown University Hospital shows off a coronavirus vaccine

Last week, it was reported that the internal medicine resident of Medsta Georgetown University Hospital looked at dozens of government officials, including lawmakers who refused to wear masks and Trump administration officials who caused the worsening of the epidemic today, while her hospital received fewer than 1,000 epidemics. Miao.

Last week, Congressional physician Brian Monahan urged every member of Congress to get a vaccine immediately, citing to ensure continuity of government policies that can function smoothly during the crisis.

But Scott Harpern, an internist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, countered that there was no evidence that vaccinations to government officials could promote public trust in vaccines. These excuses do not explain why ordinary officials should be given priority.

“Just getting your doctor and nurses vaccinated to really build confidence.” “The importance of healthcare workers is to be enough to cope with the spread of the pandemic, but no one wants us to be on the front lines of vaccination,” said a doctor who declined to be named.

Even U.S. Senator Rand Paul, the first to contract the novel coronavirus, felt that the vaccine distribution was unfair. “Vaccinates before older Americans and health workers are not appropriate,” he tweeted. “Healthy young people like Rep. Cortez, 31, should be at the bottom, not first.”

“The darkest day hasn’t arrived yet”

According to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of press time, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States exceeded 18.45 million and the number of deaths exceeded 326,000.

On the 22nd local time, Biden warned at a press conference that “the darkest days of the epidemic have not yet arrived. We have an average of nearly 3,000 deaths per day. In the next few months, we will lose thousands of lives, and vaccines will not stop this situation.”

Biden admitted that “it will take a lot of time to vaccinate 320 million Americans” and hoped that the American people would remain vigilant during the Christmas holiday.