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Why did the Beijing Winter Olympics reassure the world?

Why did the Beijing Winter Olympics reassure the world?

by YCPress

Six years ago, when IOC President Bach announced that Beijing had won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, he said that the Olympic Games “had been given to rest assured people”.

Today, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics have been carried out in an orderly manner, confirming Bach’s judgment.

On February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympics ushered in the countdown to the first anniversary.

Before this, Chinese President Xi Jinping and IOC President Bach said on the phone that with the strong support of all parties concerned, China will be able to complete all the preparations on time, make comprehensive preparations to ensure the complete the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Under the epidemic, China’s solemn commitment not only reflects the responsibility of a great power that “what you say must believe and what you do”, but also injects strength into the international Olympic Movement in uncertainty.

In the past year, the COVID-19 epidemic has ravaged the world, and the international Olympic Movement has been seriously hit.

The Summer Olympics had to be postponed for the first time, and major sports events such as the UEFA Football League also suffered heavy losses.

Against this background, many people will have doubts about whether China can host the Beijing Winter Olympics as scheduled.

In January this year, from inspecting the preparations for the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics to talking to Bach on the phone, President Xi Jinping’s high attention to the Winter Olympics and commitment to the Winter Olympics reflected China’s confidence in holding the meeting as scheduled and reassured the world.

This confidence comes first of all from China’s effective epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery. This has created favorable conditions for the smooth holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Olympic professional website “Under the Fifth Ring Road” pointed out that the epidemic is the biggest threat to the Olympic Games, and China has blocked the widespread spread of the novel coronavirus with strategic epidemic prevention measures.

At the same time, this confidence also comes from the orderly progress of China’s preparations for the Winter Olympics.

It has been seen that despite the challenges posed by the epidemic, the preparations for the Winter Olympics have passed a “stress test” and achieved remarkable results.

Up to now, all 12 competition venues have been completed on schedule; high-value venues such as the National Ski Jumping Center and the National Speed Skating Center “Ice Ribbon” have been unveiled one after another; the Beijing-Zhanghai High-Speed Railway and Beijing-Lizhou Expressway have been opened to traffic; some equipment of the National Snowboarding Center, the National Ski Jumping Center and other engineering projects have reached the world.

Advanced level; the sports icons of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics have also been successfully released; the mascots “ice pier” and “snow Rongrong” also took the Yu’e 5th to carry out a historic lunar journey…

At present, Chinese society is full of enthusiasm for the success of the Winter Olympics. By the end of 2020, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee had successfully signed 38 sponsorship enterprises.

At the same time, each division began to carry out a series of testing activities in February this year, and formulated relevant plans to strengthen the skiing, foreign language and other professional skills of various competition assistants.

With the joint efforts of 1.4 billion Chinese people, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics have progressed smoothly, which Bach described as “almost a miracle”.

Banka, president of the World Anti-Doping Agency, said, “The Beijing Olympic Games have been a success, and I believe that next year’s Winter Olympics will still show the same high level as in 2008.”

Under the epidemic, China’s scheduled hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics will not only drive 300 million Chinese people to participate in the ice and snow movement, but also contribute to world development.

On the one hand, in order to minimize the risk of the epidemic, China put forward the concept of “simplified, safe and wonderful”, which contributes Chinese wisdom and provides a reasonable solution for the development of sports events in the post-epidemic era.

On the other hand, under the epidemic, the world needs firm confidence and unity more.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will certainly become a link, so that people all over the world can feel the importance of uniting to fight against the crisis and understand the practical significance of building a community of human destiny more deeply.

It can be predicted that in 2022, the world will witness China’s promise, do what he says, and shares a wonderful sports feast.

As the only “double Olympic city” in the world that has hosted the summer and winter Olympic Games, Beijing will certainly make a unique contribution to the international Olympic Movement.