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White House staff began to move

White House staff began to move

by YCPress

Less than a week before Biden’s inauguration (January 20 local time), according to the U.S. “Yahoo News” website, some staff in the White House have begun to carry goods on the 14th local time.

The day before, a large number of cartons arrived at the White House.

It is reported that a bust of Lincoln was moved out of the West Wing office of the White House. The staff did not disclose whether the bust was a permanent collection of the White House or its whereabouts.

Some employees in the West Wing office were also seen carrying personal belongings out.

The report also mentioned that Trump’s White House trade adviser Peter Navarro was also found to leave the White House on the 13th with a pretended photo, despite his previous insistence that Trump won the election.

NBC has previously mentioned that a large number of cartons arrived at the White House on January 13 local time, and staff are delivering stacked empty cartons to the Eisenhower executive office building in the White House.

According to Bloomberg, Trump plans to fly to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, on the morning of Biden’s inauguration.

The report quoted sources as saying that some current White House employees are expected to continue to work for Mar-a-a-Lago Manor or his female Kushner after Trump leaves office.

According to the report, the White House is not sure where Trump will go after leaving office, but some of his aides speculate that it will be Mar-a-a-Lago, but Trump himself did not tell them his plan or publicly tell what he would do after leaving the White House.

However, reports mention that some of Trump’s future neighbors are trying to prevent him from living in Palm Beach forever.