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Where is the german guns. how to get it back ?

Where is the german guns. how to get it back ?

by YCPress

Recently, a square building named “Honesty Box” was erected outside the office of German Chancellor Merkel.

The building wrote “Where did our guns go” and “Who stole the guns? Remember to come back here?” slogan. According to reports from many German media, the designer of this building “played a big game” this time.

Source: Twitter

In July of this year, the German Army Special Forces were exposed to the loss of a large number of guns and ammunition, and they have not been recovered.

In addition, that month, one of the famous German KSK Special Forces was disbanded due to infiltration by right-wing forces. Distrust of the German army.

According to a report by “Deutsche Welle” on October 28, in order to express concerns about the loss of weapons and ammunition and the infiltration of the army, a German civil organization has opened up a series of “counterfeiting” activities.

Source: “The Voice of Germany”

The first thing they “counterfeited” was the above-mentioned square building that they called the “Honesty Box”. This building claimed to be an “anonymous return box” that encouraged gun thieves to return their weapons. 

The slogan on it also faked the German Ministry of Defense. The name “guarantee” that if the thief returns the equipment before October 31, he will not be punished.

According to reports, this idea was approved by the German authorities. In addition to Merkel’s office, this civil society has also set up such “return boxes” in some residential areas and streets in Germany.

From time to time, volunteers will shout “No one has returned the gun” slogan near the box to appeal to citizens Follow this matter.

The reason why this joke set the date on the 31st is because the German Defense Minister Karen Bauer had previously announced that if the reform in the army failed before that day, she would consider disbanding the special forces headquarters and forming a new special force.

A “return box” placed in a residential area, source: Twitter

Compared to the “return box” with exaggerated words and ideas, another operation of this group is much more realistic. Some time ago, many German netizens discovered that a website called “Where’s Our Gun” suddenly appeared on the Internet.

Not only did this website have the German Bundeswehr logo, but the registered domain name also contained the abbreviation “Bundeswehr”.

Image source: “Where are our guns” website

This webpage lists the types and quantities of various weapons and ammunition lost by the Germans, and promises to provide a “reward” to the informant. 

Even more amazing is that the website also displayed an “official document” with an official letter from the “Bundeswehr” with an official signature underneath.

Image source: “Where are our guns” website
Image source: “Where are our guns” website

However, this “official website” is actually a fake by this civil society, but due to its realistic design and the fact that the information on weapon loss posted above matches the actual situation, many netizens in Germany and abroad believe it is true.

German local media “Nordkurier” reported on this “fake website”

According to the media and related official websites, this non-governmental organization is called “Center for Political Beauty” in English.

It often expresses its views on current political issues with similar performance art works.

The organization has planned many famous exhibitions, but it is also radical because of its stance. And encountered controversy.

Many German netizens applauded their ideas on the official Twitter of the group about the “return of weapons” plan.

believing that they did what should have been done by the German government and successfully attracted everyone’s attention. .

“I’m not sure whether this is ironic or serious,” one netizen wrote. 

In addition, he also criticized the performance of the German army in the accident

thinking that the occurrence of this situation appeared “very unprofessional.”

However, some netizens criticized this plan as “too realistic” and easily misleading. 

One of the messages said: “Don’t you think this joke is too much? This will cause serious legal problems?”

However, a netizen who claimed to have served in the military defended the German army

saying that certain types of ammunition lost were not easy to count

and he believed that Germany’s performance in this regard is

“not worse than other places.”