When Iran’s drone exercise is under way, senior Iraqi officials warned the United States that the army is ready to go.

Photo Source: Iranian Media

January 6th – From the 5th local time, Iran began a two-day large-scale drone combat exercise.

Iran’s top military commander and chief of the armed forces’s general staff, Mohammad Baqeri, warned the United States during the exercise that the Iranian armed forces were “ready to go” and on top alert and could respond to any provocation.

Based on media reports such as PressTV in Iran, Barkley said on the 5th that the purpose of this large-scale military exercise was to show Iran’s preparedness for external military threats.

He mentioned that although Iran has no intention of violating any country, it is ready to fight back any threat: “Our heroic armed forces are ready to go, and if the enemy makes a slight mistake, the armed forces will resolutely respond.”

Iranian media pointed out that Barkley’s remarks came at a time when tension between Iran and the United States increased.

On the 3rd local time, Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Miller overturned the earlier decision to withdraw the aircraft carrier Nimitz from the Middle East and instructed it to stay in the Persian Gulf. Last week, two U.S. B-52 bombers flew over the Persian Gulf, accompanied by two U.S. nuclear-powered submarines Georgia.

On January 3, 2020, the United States launched an attack in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, killing Suleimani, the commander of the “Quds Brigade” of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

On the first anniversary of the attack on Suleimani, in response to the recent military activities of the U.S.

military in the surrounding areas of Iran, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran, Hussein Salami, said on the 1st that Iran was ready to deal with any possibility.

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