Home Politics When Biden came office, Americans panic and buy guns
When Biden came office, Americans panic and buy guns

When Biden came office, Americans panic and buy guns

by YCPress

According to foreign media reports, due to Biden’s statement that he will implement strict gun control policies after taking office, many parts of the United States have recently queued up to buy guns.

Some people even started camping in the early morning to buy a gun.

British media reported on January 21 that due to concerns about tightening gun control after Biden came to power, people in Florida in the United States queued up and bought guns in front of the day.

According to US media reports, Brandon, a gun dealer in Delray Beach, Florida, said that 2020 was a record year of sales performance.

According to the analysis of U.S. media, the main reasons for this round of “gun buying fever” are the epidemic, the economic recession and the tearing of public opinion caused by the presidential election.

Biden has vowed to control gun use in the United States and implemented a series of gun reform measures after taking office, which has also prompted some people to buy and hoard early fear that Biden will tighten gun control when he takes office.

In a previous interview, Biden said: “If they don’t have a gun, they will take a bat or knife, but they can’t kill so many people than with a gun.

And if you have multiple bullets and clips that can hold multiple bullets, you can shoot continuously.

According to Russian media reports, Biden targeted the National Rifle Association, the largest gun-holding organization in the United States, and promised to do everything possible to defeat the organization and realize the gun control demand of the left-wing forces in the United States once he came to power.

According to French media reports, thousands of gun supporters gathered near the Virginia Legislature on January 20 to protest against the gun control bill promoted by the Democratic Party in the state legislature.

Gun supporters said in an interview with reporters that they are worried about the next four years.

In the United States, buying guns is subject to FBI background checks.

According to data released by the FBI in November last year, from January to October 2020, the FBI received a total of about 16.5 million background review applications for the sale or transfer of firearms and accessories, higher than in any year since the record was recorded in 1998.

According to US media reports, gun sales in October last year were 1.9 million, up 65% from the same period last year.

Data provided by the National Shooting Sports Foundation shows that about 40% of gun buyers in 2020 were first-time buyers.

According to the statistics of the U.S.

“Gun Violence Archives” website as of December 30 last year, more than 43,000 people died of gun violence in the United States in 2020, which is also the first time that more than 40,000 people have been recorded.

Among them, the death toll caused by murder, accident and defensive use of firearms exceeded 19,000, which is much higher than the previous year’s level.

In 2019, the number of people who died from gun violence in the United States exceeded 39,000.