Home Business In the beginning of the year, how can China’s diplomacy cultivate the opportunity and start a new situation?
In the beginning of the year, how can China's diplomacy cultivate the opportunity and start a new situation?

In the beginning of the year, how can China’s diplomacy cultivate the opportunity and start a new situation?

by YCPress

2021 is a historic year in the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This year is not only the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, but also the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

China will embark on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and stride towards the second centennial goal.

China’s diplomacy will be guided by Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thought, continue to work hard, continue to strive, cultivate opportunities in the crisis, open up new situations in the face of change, and make new efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

firmly grasp the fundamental direction of diplomacy

Adhering to the leadership of the Party and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is the essential attribute and distinctive characteristics of China’s diplomacy.

We must unswervingly strengthen the Party’s centralized and unified leadership over diplomatic and foreign affairs, fully serve the diplomacy of the head of state, and highlight the unique diplomatic style of the great powers with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

On the occasion of the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China, we will continue to tell the story of the Communist Party of China governing the country, the struggle of the Chinese people to realize their dreams, and China’s adherence to peaceful development, so that the world can understand the original mission of the Communist Party of China and understand socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Actively carry out friendly exchanges with other countries in the world, constantly deepen mutual understanding between China and the world, and continue to enhance mutual trust between the Chinese people and the people of the world.

Fully serve the national development strategy

Efforts should be made to grasp the characteristics of the new development stage, publicize and promote the new development concept, promote the more connectivity of the domestic and international markets, guide domestic and international resources to better connect, and create favorable external conditions for the construction of a new development pattern and the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Actively cooperate with the needs of normal epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, open more “fast channels” and “green channels” on the basis of consolidating domestic anti-epidemic achievements, establish joint prevention and control mechanisms with more countries, and carry out international cooperation on vaccines.

Organize a new round of global promotion activities for provinces, autonomous regions, cities and regional economies after the test of the epidemic, to bridge the opening up and development of the whole country and all over the country.

We will improve the all-round consular protection network and earnestly protect the safety and legitimate rights and interests of overseas citizens and institutions.

On the evening of September 14, 2020, President Xi Jinping held a meeting in Beijing with German Chancellor Merkel, President of the European Council of Europe Michelle and European Commission President von der Leyen. The meeting was held by video. Xinhua News Agency reporter Pang Xinglei/Photograph

Continue to build a new type of international relations

Deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperation between China and Russia, and build the pillar of China and Russia for world peace and global strategic stability.

We will enhance mutual trust between China and the EU, gather more consensus, expand practical cooperation, and lead the improvement and upgrading of China-EU relations.

We will promote the return of the United States to rationality in China’s policy towards China, take action with China, summarize experience, reflect on lessons, resume dialogue, restart cooperation, rebuild mutual trust, put Sino-US relations in a strategic framework for healthy and stable development, and find a way for countries with different social systems to coexist peacefully on the planet.

Solidly promote international and regional cooperation

We will promote the entry into force and implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement as soon as possible, actively promote the free trade process between China, Japan and South Korea, deepen the construction of the economic development belt of the Lanyu River Basin, and promote the implementation of the concept of Asia-Pacific Community of Destiny.

Build a closer community of destiny between China and Africa, China and Afghanistan and China and Latin Africa, and cultivate solidarity and friendship with the vast number of developing countries.

Contribute to poverty reduction, debt reduction, mitigation and the improvement of autonomous development capacity of developing countries, and implement the promise of successful research and development of the novel coronavirus vaccine as a global public good.

Continue to improve the level of open cooperation

China will unswervingly build a new open economy system at a higher level, give full play to its ultra-large-scale market advantage and the potential of domestic demand, drive the world economic recovery with its own development, and share more China’s dividends with other countries.

We resolutely oppose all forms of protectionism, promote the stability and smooth supply chain of the global industrial chain, and work with all countries to build an open world economy.

We will vigorously promote the high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, accelerate the construction of a healthy, digital and green Silk Road, benefiting more countries and people.

The 2020 China International Trade in Services Fair was held in Beijing from September 4 to 9. The holding of this grand event showed the effectiveness of China’s response to the epidemic, the temperature of economic recovery, and also demonstrated the sincerity and determination to continue to deepen reform and promote cooperation through opening up. The picture shows visitors watching the performance of smart home robots at the service fair on September 9. People’s Picture Du Jianpo/Photographed

Take the initiative to participate in global governance change

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of China’s restoration of its legal seat in the United Nations and the 20th anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization.

China will continue to adhere to multilateralism, openness and tolerance, win-win cooperation, keep pace with the times, and give full play to the central position and due role of United Nations agencies in international affairs.

We will hold the fifteenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity to discuss a new strategy for global biodiversity governance and build a community of life on earth.

Strengthen cooperation with all parties within the framework of the G20, APEC, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS countries and other global challenges, actively respond to climate change, cybersecurity, public health and other global challenges, promote all parties to jointly formulate global digital governance rules, and establish a more equitable and reasonable global governance system.

Vigorously build a community of human destiny

Since General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward a major initiative to build a community with a shared future for mankind, its theoretical connotation and diplomatic practice have been continuously enriched and improved.

From traditional friendly countries to more partners, from the surrounding areas to the vast Asia-Africa and Latin region, from bilateral relations to multilateral issues, this important concept is constantly deepening and expanding, winning increasingly wide understanding and support.

We will continue to promote all countries to transcend the differences in ideology, social system and stages of development, adhere to the common values of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, and work together to build a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, tolerance, clean and beauty.

Building a community with a shared future for mankind has been enshrined in many resolutions of the United Nations Commission for Social Development, the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the Disarmament and International Security Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, which has strongly promoted this concept into a global consensus. The picture shows the representative of China speaking on behalf of developing countries at the 34th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on March 20, 2017. Three days later, the Human Rights Council adopted a resolution, which clearly stated that it would “build a community of human destiny”. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Jinquan/Photograph

The original intention of a hundred years of striving is like a rock, and the mission of Xiongguan Mandao is on the shoulder.

We will unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, constantly strengthen the “Four Consciousnesses”, strengthen the “Four Confidences” and achieve the “Two Maintenances”, keep in mind the original mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and contributing to the progress of mankind, take responsibility for the country, do our duty to the world, and strive to open up Chinese characteristics.

The new diplomatic journey of great powers makes new and greater contributions to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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