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What Trump Will Do After Leaving The White House ?

What Trump Will Do After Leaving The White House ?

by YCPress

What Trump Will Do After Leaving The White House ? As the hope of fighting for the election result to come back dwindling, Trump is already considering his way out after resigning as president.

According to Reuters, Trump is discussing possible ways with his advisers to keep him in the spotlight until the next U.S. election in 2024, as he seems to intend to continue running for the president of the United States in 2024.

Although Trump has not conceded to Biden yet, he also knows that it is not easy for him to overturn the result of this election through legal proceedings. 

A Trump adviser said that if the lawsuit is not successful, Trump may announce his plan to run for president again in four years before the end of this year. “He feels he has been deceived, and he still wants to run.” said an adviser who understands Trump’s thinking.

In order to be able to run smoothly after four years, Trump needs to ensure that he will remain the focus of the media for the next four years. So he had the idea of ​​starting a media company by himself. 

According to several Trump advisers, Trump is considering starting a new TV channel or social media company to compete with media that he feels betrayed him and hinder him from communicating directly with Americans, such as Fox News.

Trump’s aides said that Trump was dissatisfied with Fox’s early announcement of Biden’s victory in Arizona because the state’s election results were not particularly clear at the time. Trump also complained that Fox’s show lacked a perspective to support him.

However, regarding Trump’s idea of ​​starting a new media company, his friend Christopher Ruddy, CEO of the conservative TV news channel and website Newsmax, said that he would launch a new news channel or streaming media.

Service will be difficult. “I’m not sure if the people around him understand the challenges that this may bring.” Christopher Rudy also said that his company is willing to discuss with Trump about broadcasting a program on Newsmax.

However, even if he can maintain his exposure for the next four years through constant appearances in the media, it is still uncertain whether Trump will be successfully nominated in 2024. 

A Republican strategist, who asked not to be named, said that Trump’s road to the Republican nomination was not unimpeded, because a large group of Republicans are already lining up for the 2024 Republican party nomination, including the current U.S. Deputy President Pence, former US ambassador to the United Nations Haley, current US Secretary of State Pompeo and others.