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Azerbaijan Give Armenia more time to evacuate Naka region

by YCPress

15th November Azerbaijan’s assistant to the President Hajiyev held a press conference to announce that the Azerbaijani side agreed to provide more time for the Armenian army and civilians to evacuate from Kelbajar in the Naka region out of humanitarianism. 

According to the agreement signed by the leaders of the three countries on the 9th, Kelbajar should have been transferred to the Arab side on November 15.

Hajiyev stated that Armenia had previously filed an application to Azerbaijan through Russia, requesting a postponement of evacuation from November 15 to November 25. Hajiyev said that there is only one road with limited capacity from Kelbajar area to Armenia, and the weather conditions have also increased the difficulty of evacuation.

Therefore, the Albanian side agreed to Armenia’s request. At the same time, Hajiyev emphasized that the Asian side will still withdraw from the Agdam and Lachin areas before November 20 and December 1 respectively in accordance with the previously agreed timetable.

On the 9th of this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Azerbaijani President Aliyev, and Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan signed a joint statement announcing a complete ceasefire in the Naka region from the 10th. 

The statement stipulates that the Azerbaijani and Armenian forces will stay in their respective positions, and Russian peacekeepers will be stationed in Nakah to oversee the ceasefire. (Gu Xin, headquarter reporter)