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Western media circulated that “Putin has three secret daughters”, the Kremlin denounced: nonsense!

by YCPress

According to a report by Russian Television Today (RT) on the 26th, the Kremlin poured cold water on an article on a Russian website claiming that Russian President Putin has a so-called “secret third daughter.” There is no factual basis.”

However, this article was subsequently added to the Western media. The British “Times”, “Daily Mail”, “New York Post” and “Moscow Times” and other international media reported on the matter.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media on Thursday that he “checked the material personally” and called it “yellow news.” He said, “There is nothing special, nothing worthy of comment.” Peskov told reporters the day before that he knew nothing about it and claimed that this was “(he) first heard of such a woman. “.

Dmitry Peskov

Earlier, the article published on November 25 by the Russian “Proekt” website claimed: “Putin and Svetlana Krivonogikh, who is also a St. Petersburg native and his long-time friend, share a daughter Elizabeth (Elizaveta).”

However, the basis of the “Proekt” website’s speculation is only that in the year Putin first assumed the presidency in 2000, the financial situation of this so-called “friend” family improved significantly. She moved from a public apartment to a high-end Residential.

Secondly, the “Proekt” website stated that Putin’s so-called “secret three daughters” have the father’s last name Vladimirovna, which is similar to Putin’s name and conforms to Russian tradition. In addition, the so-called “secret three daughters” look “very like” Putin, and computer analysis “supports” this hypothesis. However, the media did not provide any photos of the girl, citing privacy issues.

According to reports, before divorcing his ex-wife Lyudmila (Lyudmila) in 2013, Putin had two daughters in his 30-year marriage, both of whom have grown up now. The eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova became a pediatric endocrinologist, and the younger daughter Katerina Tikhonova became a university project director.

For many years, Putin has never commented on family affairs. The Kremlin and Russian state media have never publicly discussed Putin’s private life. However, Western media have always been happy to report on Putin’s “gossip girlfriend”, “illegitimate children” and other unproven things.