Home World Western conspirators who talk about “human rights” in Xinjiang have been unmasked for hypocrisy
Western conspirators who talk about "human rights" in Xinjiang have been unmasked for hypocrisy

Western conspirators who talk about “human rights” in Xinjiang have been unmasked for hypocrisy

by YCPress

“We volunteered to work for the company, we were not discriminated against in the factory, religious beliefs, living customs, the right to use the national language are greatly respected, how to say ‘forced labor’?” At a xinjiang-related press conference in Beijing on the 30th, Alida Tully, an employee of a clothing company in Yili, Xinjiang, asked such questions.

“May Day” International Labor Day is coming, many workers from Xinjiang also told the story of their work to live a better life. Their own experience proves once again that the so-called “forced labour” in Xinjiang, which has been hyped by some anti-China forces in the West, is a false proposition.

In international public opinion, “forced labor” is a card that the West has repeatedly used to discredit Xinjiang. As recently as April 21, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives deliberated and passed the so-called Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, again falsely accusing China of carrying out so-called “forced labor” in Xinjiang and calling for accountability and sanctions against the entities and individuals concerned.

In the eyes of these people, there is no way to see Xinjiang cotton, polysilicon and other industries have been large-scale automation of the fact. They will only take the so-called “research report” made up by the anti-China scholar Zheng Guoen, under the guise of “human rights”, to discredit Xinjiang. Their aim is simply to undermine Xinjiang’s participation in global value chain cooperation, weaken the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, and achieve a broader “China-based” plan. And this has long been no secret in the international community.

Brazil’s Minas State newspaper recently published an article entitled “Hypocrisy and geopolitics, talk about China’s Uighurs”, pointing out that the United States and Western countries’ sympathy for Xinjiang Uighurs is not out of humanitarianism, but under the guise of its actual interests, and denounced “this is the greatest hypocrisy of the West.”

Singapore’s Union Morning Post has also published an opinion piece entitled “The thing about cotton in Xinjiang”. The author, who has worked and lived in Xinjiang for ten years, says the claim that Xinjiang is “forced labour” is baseless, absurd and ignorant.

Recently, the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Vladimir Norov, and 21 foreign envoys and diplomats visited Urumqi, Kashgar and Aksu in Xinjiang. What they see in Xinjiang is that there is no such thing as “human rights violations”, “religious discrimination” and “forced labour” as individual countries call it, and that the so-called “genocide” argument is nonsense.

So, what is the real labor situation of the people of Xinjiang? In a research report released last month by Jinan University in China, answers were given. The 18,000-word report documents the lives and work of 70 xinjiang ethnic minority workers from five Guangdong factories with detailed data and detailed details. Their experiences vividly tell the story of living a better life through self-employment.

“Voluntary, free movement is everyone’s right,” Nirobel, one of the report’s authors, said in an interview. Should Uighurs be allowed to live in Xinjiang for generations and not go anywhere else? In winter, many ethnic minority residents in Xinjiang will go to Hainan for the winter, according to Zheng Guoen’s theory, this is also become ‘Han assimilation’? ”

In fact, the anti-China forces in the West do not know these truths, but do not want the truth at all. They put on a compassionate gesture, claiming that defending the “human rights” of the people of Xinjiang is doing the wrong thing by undermining Xinjiang’s development and trampling on human rights. And a great deal of facts, as well as the voice of justice from the international community, have unmasked their hypocrisy.

“The beautiful dream of the world can only be realized through honest labor!” On the occasion of the May Day International Labour Day, the people of Xinjiang and all those who have worked hard deserve the world’s respect. Some anti-China forces in the United States and the West can not stop the pace of development and prosperity in Xinjiang, can not prevent the people of Xinjiang to live a better and better life.