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Washington State introduces restrictions on commercial and social activities

Washington State introduces restrictions on commercial and social activities

by YCPress

San Francisco, November 15th. Washington State Governor Jay Insley announced on the 15th local time that due to the continuous increase in the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus, Washington State will adopt new measures for certain business and social gatherings in the next four weeks. Restrictive measures.

The new restrictions require that from the 17th, various businesses including fitness facilities, bowling alleys, cinemas, museums, zoos and aquariums must close their indoor services, and open tours in the real estate industry will also be banned.

Retail Stores must limit their indoor capacity to less than 25%. It is forbidden to hold indoor gatherings with people outside of your own family, unless the participants were quarantined for 14 days before the gathering, or they tested negative for the coronavirus and were quarantined for 7 days. 

Starting on the 18th, restaurants and bars can only provide takeaway and outdoor dining services, and each table can accommodate up to 5 people.

The new restrictions do not apply to schools and court systems, most of which are already operating remotely. Construction and manufacturing, as well as childcare institutions that operate according to their own guidelines, can continue to operate. Personal service companies such as hair salons can only open up 25% of their maximum service capacity. 

Professional services are required to work remotely when possible, otherwise, the scale of opening must be limited to 25% of their maximum service capacity. Visits to long-term care facilities can only be done outdoors. 

The size of weddings and funerals cannot exceed 30 people, and entertainment is prohibited. The number of participants in indoor religious activities shall not exceed 25% of the capacity of the venue, and at the same time shall not exceed 200 people. 

During the event, participants must wear masks at all times, and choirs, bands and congregations are prohibited from singing.

The Seattle Times quoted Insley as saying that the new measures will last at least four weeks. He said: “We hope that progress can be made and that the time limit for restrictive measures can not be extended.”

On November 9, local time, in Washington, the capital of the United States, people ate at an outdoor restaurant maintaining “social distancing”. On that day, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States exceeded 10 million, and the death toll exceeded 238,000. 

Insley said that if no action is taken, it will definitely cause a heavy burden on hospitals and morgues, and prevent people from receiving treatment for diseases other than COVID-19.

The Seattle Times reported that in the past two weeks, the number of new cases in a single day in the state has increased rapidly. On November 3, the state recorded 1,469 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus. On the 14th, this number reached 2,286 cases.

The National Broadcasting Corporation reported that Oregon and New Mexico also issued similar restrictions on the 13th.