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UEFA Europe League: Belgium retaliates with two goals, and England and Italy overtake Poland

UEFA Europe League: Belgium retaliates with two goals, and England and Italy overtake Poland

by YCPress

November 16th. On the 16th, Beijing time, the European League played a number of matches. Among them, Belgium defeated England 2-0 and reported the revenge of the defeat in the last clash. In addition, Italy beat Poland 2:0 and the Netherlands 3:1 Lectra Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Berardi scored in the penalty area.

Belgium vs. England. In the 10th minute, Belgium scored the first goal. Vertonghen made a steal in the frontcourt, Lukaku calmly scored the ball before the penalty area, and Tillimans then inserted the ball and shot, the ball hit the inside of the right post and bounced into the net.

In the 23rd minute, Belgium expanded the score on the field. Mertens took the set kick and directly attacked the goal. The ball drew an arc around the wall and went straight to the net. Pickford flew into the net to save.

In the 61st minute, Glarish got the ball on the left side of the penalty area and opened the angle and kicked the ball. The ball went above the goal crossbar. In the 63rd minute, the sole of Solgen Hazard, who was vacated in the fight for Trippier, fell to the ground painfully after being rubbed against his face. The team doctor then entered the field for treatment for Trippier.

In the 77th minute, Lukaku scored the ball in the middle, Mertens hit the ball back to the center after the left side rib bottom, Lukaku followed up and kicked the goal, the ball was blocked by Pickford. In the end, Belgium beat England 2-0 at home.

Italy vs. Poland. In the 27th minute, Italy made a free kick and Krihoviak hugged the opponent to give points. Jorginho took the lead in one fell swoop and Italy led 1-0.

In the 53rd minute, Insigne dribbled the ball into the penalty area and shot wide from a long range. In the 66th minute, Berardi volleyed in front of the penalty area and missed the post again.

In the 77th minute, Polish midfielder Guralski shoveled Belotti. He received his second yellow card within 9 minutes and was sent off by a red card. In the 83rd minute, Berardi made a low shot with his left foot in the penalty area and locked the score at 2:0.

The Netherlands played against Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the 5th minute, Dumfries crossed the ball from the right to the center, and Wijnaldum outflanked the center and easily pushed the first record for the Netherlands. In the 13th minute, Depay made a precise pass from the left to find the back point. Boguiz made a header cross, and Wijnaldum again outflanked the goal and scored the goal. The Netherlands expanded the lead.

In the 50th minute, Depay took the ball from the left and faced Hardy Kadunic with a low shot. Circic fell to the ground and blocked the ball from the baseline. In the 54th minute, Boguis took the ball behind his back with a wonderful heel pass, Dumfries broke into the penalty area and crossed, Depay easily pushed the empty goal, the Netherlands led 3:0.

In the 62nd minute, Bosnia and Herzegovina pulled back a city. Viska feinted from the right and crossed deep into the penalty area, and Prevlyak, who had just come off the bench, pushed the goal. In the end, the Netherlands beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 3:1.