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Washington screams with sour grapes and sour teeth

by YCPress

Washington screamed sour grapes for China-EU to complete the negotiation of the investment agreement between the two sides. U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Bo Ming angrily criticized the European Union for reaching the agreement with Beijing “in spite of China’s human rights performance”, which was the European Union’s “threw off the fig leaf”; White House trade adviser Navarro also accused it of being a “bad agreement” and posed a geopolitical challenge to the United States; and American conservative scholars were very “How can Europeans stand on the side of China rather than the United States?” said angrily.

Strategic selfishness and arrogance seem to have burned the brains of some American political elites. They think that the geopolitical interests of the United States are consistent with that of Europe.

They are fooling around on China, and Europeans naturally have to follow suit. They also think that values are everything, and the ideological ties between the United States and Europe can be strong enough for Europe to leave China’s great interests and be the “political third” of the United States wholeheartedly.

On December 30, 2020, the same day that China and the EU announced the completion of the negotiations, the U.S. government announced the imposition of tariffs on aircraft parts and wine from France and Germany and other EU-to-U.S. products.

Washington just said that they wanted to deal with China with Europe, but they gave more profits to Europe. When it comes to morality, they have a gentlemanly voice; when they calculate the interests, they take out a small account.

In fact, many Western scholars are very sober that it is very unrealistic for the United States and Europe to reach a broad unified trade policy towards China and adopt the same position towards China.

Because the industrial reality of the two sides is different, the geopolitical considerations around the economy are also different. Washington wants to completely politicize the economic problems with China and closely integrate it with its hegemonic line; Europe is more concerned about its own development and prefers to talk about the economy.

The economic machine of the United States has gone seriously wrong. One of the most important is that its logic of operation has been hit hard by politics.

Now Washington seems to be thinking more about how to make China bad than how to make the United States better. Only in its heyday did the United States have the capital to act according to this logic, and it can only do so for small and medium-sized economies. Now the U.S. economy itself is overstretched, but it is playing willful play on China, which is also a mega-economer, which it can’t think of.

The logic of the EU’s dealing with China is very legitimate, that is, to consider how to make yourself better first, instead of harming China at its own expense.

Let’s take a look at how many Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen German cars are running on the streets of China’s big cities, and how many fashion products and even luxury goods from France and Italy have been consumed by the Chinese people! China’s market is still booming. Without expanding cooperation with China, can the United States provide Europe with the new space it needs for its future development?

Some elites in the United States have reached a pathological obsession with geopolitics. Now what is bothering the world is the novel coronavirus and the economic and people’s livelihood damaged by the virus. The first thing people in all countries is about health and safety, how to earn more money to improve their lives. What they need is national development.

It’s interesting to talk about geopolitics properly. It’s as annoying as talking too much as when it comes to lunchtime, the meeting people are still chattering about political agitation.

The United States needs to restore its normality and calmness in the face of China. It accepts that China will continue to develop with the joint efforts of its hardworking and intelligent people. Don’t compete with the law, and everything is like geopolitics.

Not only should it prevent Europe and China from reaching an investment agreement, it should also change its thinking and think more about how to achieve self-gain by strengthening economic and trade cooperation with China, rather than hurting China by losing its own.

It’s the logic of war to destroy the other party at all costs. And now is an era of peace and development.

Human beings are facing the common enemy of COVID-19. Washington, don’t mistake the times and confuse yourself.