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Visit the capital of Myanmar under the state of emergency

Visit the capital of Myanmar under the state of emergency

by YCPress

February 6, Myanmar entered the sixth day of the state of emergency. News Agency reporters saw in the capital Naibi on the same day that the situation in the city was not obviously abnormal.

Gas stations, large supermarkets, several relatively large markets, and some hotels are all open normally.

It was just that the local network was interrupted that day.

Nayby is home to Myanmar’s government agencies, more than 300 kilometers away from Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city.

News Agency reporter drove from Yangon to Naypyidaw on the 5th.

Passing through Yangon People’s Square, I saw construction workers and morning exercise citizens, and buses on the streets of the city were also commuting normally.

After driving out of Yangon, there was no obvious abnormality along the way compared with usual.

There are not many vehicles along the way, and soldiers are on duty at the entrances and exits of several important highways.

At some duty points, duty personnel will ask drivers to roll off the window for security checks.

In a main rest area of the highway, the reporter saw that the gas station was open normally, but some stores had been closed due to the epidemic. Shop clerks who are still open are attracting customers to enter the store for consumption.

Near the destination, the reporter saw several military vehicles carrying military equipment heading for Naypyto. The inspection of entering Naypyidu is stricter than usual.

In addition to setting up roadblocks like during the epidemic prevention and control period, an armored vehicle was seen parked at the entrance and soldiers on duty.

In the city of Nayby, reporters did not see a large number of military vehicles.

From time to time, patrol police cars passed by in the street.

Military vehicles and police vehicles can no longer be seen outside the guesthouse of the Naypyto Parliamentarian, which was previously blockaded by the military.

The road to and from the seat of the Federal Parliament is still blocked.

Along the way, the reporter saw that the indoor gas station was open normally, and the large supermarket was also open normally, but the business hours were shortened.

In the market that mainly sells vegetables, fruits and groceries, the supply of commodities is normal. Some hotels in the city are also open normally.

The reporter randomly interviewed several citizens, who were slightly nervous when facing the camera.

A citizen who runs the lottery business said that business was not good because of the epidemic, but now it is even worse.

She hopes that the problem can be solved as soon as possible and the people can live a stable life.

A tricycle driver told reporters that there have been not many people going out recently, and his income has also been greatly reduced.

I hope that the situation will return to normal as soon as possible and the people’s lives will also be better.