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Uzbekistan's epidemic prevention and control committee recommends the introduction of a Chinese vaccine.

Uzbekistan will vaccinate volunteers with Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine

by YCPress

Nur-Sultan, October 31. On October 30, Barno Adilova, an expert from the Uzbekistan pandemic prevention and control headquarters, said in an interview with local media that Uzbekistan will begin to inoculate volunteers with Chinese products.

The Coronavirus Vaccine is only vaccinated for people who have never been infected with Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Innovation and Development of Uzbekistan has previously announced that Coronavirus vaccine produced in China will carry out clinical trials in Uzbekistan. 

Volunteers for vaccination are required to be 18 years old and above. Before the formal vaccination, the Chinese representative will also conduct several trainings on vaccination.

According to Barno Adilova, the vaccination process of the first batch of vaccines has been approved by the pandemic prevention and control work headquarters.

Adilova said that all people need to be vaccinated, but each country has its own vaccination plan. “We will first vaccinate people who have never been infected with the Coronavirus.

Because people who have been infected with the disease already have immunity and do not need to be vaccinated, the Coronavirus vaccine imported from China must first be tested by volunteers.”

Earlier, Uzbekistan’s Minister of Innovation and Development Ibrahim Abdurakhmonov stated in an interview with Uzbekistan TV Channel 24 that the safety of China’s Coronavirus vaccine is much higher than that of other similar vaccine