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US media: Many laboratories once again show that the New York virus comes from Europe

US media: Many laboratories once again show that the New York virus comes from Europe

by YCPress

New York Governor Cuomo appeared helpless when talking about this issue. Regarding the source of the virus and the problem of its spread in the United States, Cuomo has repeatedly stated that there is already evidence that coronavirus of the United States was introduced from Europe. After Trump ordered entry restrictions on China and Asia, it flooded into Europe in the United States

There are millions of people, and the pandemic has long been out of control after missing the pandemic prevention window.

How coronavirus work

According to a report on the website of the US “Science Daily”, the outbreak of coronavirus in New York and Long Island was earlier than previously expected, and through analysis of the infected strain, it has been determined that it is from Europe. 

The virus was introduced to the United States much earlier than the time when coronavirus cases were discovered before, and during this missed time, the virus has spread locally through the community.

This study led by the New York University School of Medicine found that coronavirus took root in the United States in February, but it did not come from a single “patient zero”.

As many as 109 sources were found, and these sources caused the initial rate of infection in the United States. Very fast, because these sources of infection were not discovered initially.

According to the report, more than 40% of people who tested positive for coronavirus had no known history of contact with other people infected with coronavirus before the diagnosis. 

The source of the infection is difficult to find, and it cannot be ruled out that the early spread of coronavirus in the United States was more widespread than expected.

coronavirus pandemic came suddenly, including China and other countries when they initially responded to coronavirus.

Dr. Matthew Mullano, the first author of the research report, said that the early screening methods in New York were used to determine the source and time of the pandemic.

There is hysteresis.

One of the characteristics of coronavirus is the rapid spread, and the lack of rapid and large-scale detection systems provides sufficient time for these viruses to take root in the country. 

In addition, in the study, the study also pointed out that the gene sequence of the virus in New York is consistent with the strains in Europe and other parts of the United States, and the virus is different from the strains found in China.

For people who believe in science, the problem of the source of coronavirus can now be viewed calmly. As people learn more about coronavirus, all the truth will surface soon, and impatiently preaching for the purpose of attack and serious injury.

The virus conspiracy theorists of China have different intentions, and the constant noise will not help the pandemic control, but will make their incompetence even more prominent.