Home Politics Florida governor drafted bill to exempt drivers from shooting and killing protesters blocking roads
Florida governor drafted bill to exempt drivers from shooting and killing protesters blocking roads

Florida governor drafted bill to exempt drivers from shooting and killing protesters blocking roads

by YCPress

According to a report by the Huffington Post on the 11th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Ron DeSantis) drafted an “anti-mob” bill with the goal of substantially expanding the state’s “non-concession law.” Scope of application. According to US media, the bill will allow civilian gunmen to shoot and kill protesters who endanger property rights without being legally liable.

It is reported that about 30 states in the United States have implemented the “Non-Concession Law”, which is a civil self-defense law, that is, when others infringe on you or have unjust acts against you, and public rights cannot afford you the protection you deserve Have the right to resist to defend their rights, especially the right to personal safety.

The Miami Herald reported that this bill will extend the scope of the “Non Concession Act” to resist property crimes and will also allow the use of force against “violent or disorderly gatherings” within 500 feet of commercial premises. Or “criminal hoax”.

There are reports that critics believe that the bill is a gift to civilian gunmen who call themselves “citizen enforcers.” Aubrey Webb, the former attorney of Miami-Dade County, said that he was concerned that the wording in the bill was too vague, which would give gunholders the “right to kill” because they subjectively judged what behavior was. It constitutes a “criminal prank”.

The bill will also classify blocking traffic during protests as a third-degree felony; provide legal immunity for drivers who claim to have inadvertently killed or injured demonstrators blocking traffic; and detain those who cut law enforcement budgets. Federal funding from the government.

The former Miami-Dade County Attorney Denise Georges (Denise Georges) has handled the “non-return law” case, he said: “It (the bill) allows’volunteer police officers’ to defend their actions, and also allows Death is a cruel and unusual punishment as a punishment for property criminals. We cannot live in a society where lawlessness, so casually and recklessly takes a life.”

According to reports, this bill is in response to protests against police brutality in Florida and across the United States after the killing of George Floyd (George Floyd), a black man, by police in Minneapolis this summer. The bill also responds to President Trump’s attitude towards demonstrations.

Pictured on the left, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse (Kyle Rittenhouse)

In August of this year, a policeman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA shot and killed Jacob Blake, a black man. After the incident caused riots in the area, a 17-year-old Trump supporter shot and killed him during a protest. Two people. At the time, President Trump defended him on social media.

However, the 17-year-old was a so-called “civil duty police officer” from a foreign country. He brought an assault rifle to the site of the “Black Life Is Fate” protest, claiming to “protect property.”

According to reports, Florida Governor DeSantis is Trump’s main supporter. When he was running for governor in 2018, Trump supported him. During the epidemic, DeSantis, who was not wearing a mask, was also photographed high-fiving supporters at a Trump rally and then touching his nose.