Home Politics United Kingdom made the world’s top MISTAKE, and offended Trump and Biden at the same time!
United Kingdom made the world's top MISTAKE, and offended Trump and Biden at the same time!

United Kingdom made the world’s top MISTAKE, and offended Trump and Biden at the same time!

by YCPress

Britain made the world’s top MISTAKE, and offended Trump and Biden at the same time!

Diplomacy is no small matter. A ceremony, a speech, a congratulatory letter, even a sentence, and an action sometimes have rich connotations, conveying meaningful meaning.

But there is also the opposite. Often the most serious and important documents are accidentally created with the world’s top mistake.

After Biden announced his victory, which was the most embarrassing ally?

There is no doubt that it is Britain.

Don’t forget, British Prime Minister Johnson once scolded the Obama-Biden administration at the time, and even said that Obama was “half Kenyan”; Biden was also unceremonious, and once mocked Johnson’s physical and emotional clones. Lampe”.

Also, on the issue of Brexit, Trump strongly approves of it, but Biden is not cold. Without the support of the United States, what will the UK do after Brexit?

But now, the old enemy has announced that he has become the new president of the United States, Trudeau of Canada, Merkel of Germany, and Macron of France. They immediately sent congratulatory messages or statements to congratulate Biden on his election…

Don’t forget, the UK was always the top leader. The United States and Britain have a special relationship.

How to do?

It is estimated that he was thinking about it again and again. In the end, Johnson gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, and quickly sent a congratulatory letter to Biden.

The letter is not long, I posted on Johnson’s Twitter, just two sentences:

Congratulations to Biden for being elected President of the United States of America and to Harris for his historic achievements.

The United States is our most important ally, and I look forward to working closely on our common priority issues such as climate change, trade and security .

White text on a black background, congratulations, comments, and expectations. It seems normal.

However, the Internet society cannot hold back some netizens who are not too busy to watch pictures with a magnifying glass.

Take a closer look, and there really is a big problem. The most important congratulatory letter from the British government in 2020 actually hides a big MISTAKE in the world.

1. You can’t see the black background, but as long as you adjust the color, you can find that there is another text in the pattern background.

2. Above the words “Joe Biden on his election”, you can see the words “Trump on “.

3. Near the words “I look forward to working closely together” is the words “second term” .

According to the analysis of some netizens, the meaning is very clear: On the surface, he is congratulating Biden on his election, but in fact he still misses Trump and congratulates him on his “second term.”

Think about it, if you were Biden, would you be happy or dumbfounded to see such a congratulatory letter?

To put it lightly, the British are too playful and don’t take Biden seriously.

To put it seriously, it makes people wonder, Johnson, did you mean it?

Things got worse, and the evidence was clear. The spokesperson of the British government hurried out to put out the fire. According to him, it was true that the British government had prepared two statements because the US elections were too intense, but the technical issues made it look like this.

In other words:

1. Britain did bet on both sides, each prepared a congratulatory letter for Trump and Biden.

2. In the end, the one sent to congratulate Biden.

3. I don’t know why Trump’s information is not clean.

But many people are even more puzzled. With just two sentences, you can just rebuild a new file. Now it’s good, PS technology is not enough, and let the whole world watch British jokes. The most important thing is that you originally congratulated Biden. Are you now disgusting Biden?

The British “Guardian” criticized that the British government “modified an existing image instead of creating a completely new image. This practice is confusing, and there has also been a situation where the original information is not completely deleted. Create more friction between the British government and the next American government.”

Alas, one thing, if you offend Trump, don’t say it, and now you offend Biden again, it’s not easy for the British!

It may be that with this in mind, Johnson is also trying to remedy it.

So, in the next phone call, among European leaders, Johnson was the first to call Biden, before Merkel and Macron.

During the briefing in the Parliament on November 11, members of Congress asked Johnson: Do you have any suggestions for Trump? Johnson said this sentence:I have a good relationship with the former president of the United States …but I am very happy to see that the incoming Biden-Harris administration can achieve common goals with us in many areas!

Attention, the former president!

Trump, did you hear that? This is the advice of your closest partner in Europe:

1. You are already a former president .

2. We think Biden is very good.

3. We have to achieve many common goals with Biden.

The British have turned a new page.

Alas, it is estimated that Trump is very sad.

You know, Trump and Johnson are really not an ordinary relationship.

Johnson’s nickname is “British Trump”. Every time the two meet, they are extremely happy.

Last year, Johnson ran for re-election. Trump broke the convention and went straight to the radio and said: Johnson is a great person. I think he is the most suitable candidate right now…

There is no concealment at all, so that Johnson’s rival and Labor Party chairman Corbyn strongly protested at the time: Trump brutally interfered in British internal affairs…

Johnson was diagnosed this year, and it was the first time Trump made overseas calls to ask questions about him.

If you can help, Trump has helped; if you can’t help, Trump has also helped. I feel that the whole world can abandon Trump, but you can’t Johnson, you are really iron buddies.

But now, at the most critical moment of Trump, the best iron buddies ran away, calling themselves the former president, and showing good wishes to Biden.

Alas, Dongfeng is evil, love is thin, and melancholy, years of separation, wrong and wrong!

Finally, what do you think?

Old rules, three superficial views:

First, the British government, your PS technology is too bad. Of course, it is also intentional. Trump, I’m so sorry, we can only get to this point.

Second, in the past, Hua Qian Yue Xia was called Xiao Tian Tian; now the newcomer is better than the old, and she becomes Mrs. Niu. The British are unambiguous, and decisively open what should be opened, Trump, this is life.

Third, what would Biden think about this kind of world’s top Mistake?? I am awkward, will it be even more awkward? The British are very careful, it is troublesome to stand in the wrong line. But some good shows on both sides of the Atlantic have been watched again.