December 5 According to a report by TAS on the 5th, due to restrictions imposed by EU countries on Russian oil prices, Ukraine will face shortages of petroleum products and rising prices. Sergei Kuyoune, head of Ukraine’s A-95 Consulting Group, expressed this view on the 4th.

According to the report, Kuyoune listed examples of problems in oil supply and production of petroleum products in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Turkey on his Facebook homepage.

He pointed out that these countries all have a common problem, that is, the need to replace Russian oil with other types of oil, mainly lighter oil.

This has led to an increase in the price and cost of surface transportation of fuel, which is close to the spring data. But even those who are willing to spend $100 can’t get the product, because it doesn’t exist. Kuyoune wrote.

Kuyoune said: “We will face two to three months of turmoil until the European market first adapts to the oil sanctions against Russia.

So far, we seem to feel the sanctions first. He said that the main problem is the shortage of petroleum products on the market.

Therefore, don’t be eager to hate our allies because of the cap of Petrorussian oil of $60 per barrel. The problem is not the price, but the shortage. We will face both sky-high prices and shortages. Kuyoune wrote.

The European Union announced in the official gazette on the 3rd that a ceiling of $60 per barrel of oil exported by Russian sea will be set on December 5.