December 5 According to AFP, the French Ministry of Health said on the 4th that a hospital in Versailles near Paris had to cancel surgery and transfer some patients due to cyberattacks over the weekend.

Fran├žois Brown, French Minister of Health and Disease Prevention, said when visiting the hospital, that as of the evening of the 3rd, six patients had been transferred, three of whom were intensive care unit patients and the other three were neonatal patients. He also said that other patients may also be transferred later.

Regional health institutions said that the hospital has cancelled the operation, but is doing everything possible to maintain appointment-free emergency treatment and consultation.

According to the report, the hospital has sent more medical staff to the intensive care unit, because the machines there are still running, but due to network outages, more manpower is needed to pay attention to the monitor’s display screen at any time.

The minister also said that cyberattacks have led to a “complete reorganization of the hospital”.

It is reported that after the hospital filed a formal lawsuit on the 4th, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office launched a preliminary investigation into the hacking of the hospital’s internal data and attempted extortion.

According to the report, France’s hospitals and health systems have been targeted by hackers for such cyberattacks for several months. According to Brown, the same hospital has repelled several cyberattacks in recent months.

It is reported that in August this year, the Corbet-Esonne hospital on the outskirts of Paris also became the target of cyberattacks, and it took several weeks to resume normal operation.