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UK will test for COVID-19 citywide in Liverpool

UK will test for COVID-19 citywide in Liverpool

by YCPress

London, November 3 The UK government announced on the 3rd that it will carry out a city-wide virus test in Liverpool, which is severely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

And people who work locally or there are acceptable regardless of whether they have symptoms Detection. 

This will be the UK’s first city-wide large-scale new crown test in a city.

According to reports, this project will be implemented from the 6th.

Liverpool will set up multiple test points. People can make appointments online or go directly to the test points

And the local government will also send people test notices. 

In addition to nucleic acid testing, this large-scale testing will also use some newer rapid testing technologies.

UK Prime Minister Johnson said in a statement that day that this test pilot project will help identify asymptomatic infections in the city.

This large-scale test is still in the initial trial stage, but it is expected to become the UK’s fight against the new crown epidemic.

A powerful weapon.

Liverpool’s current new crown alert level is “very high”, the highest level in the UK’s three-level new crown alert system.

The data released by the British government on the 3rd showed that the country has newly confirmed 20,018 new cases of new crown in a single day, and a total of 1,073,882 confirmed cases.