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4 deaths caused by shooting in Nevada USA!

Four dead and one injured in the shooting in Nevada, police went to the scene to exchange fire with the suspect

by YCPress

there was a shooting incident in Nevada, USA. The police received the report and went to the scene and exchanged fire with the suspect. Up to now, the case has caused at least 4 deaths and 1 injury. One of the deceased is suspected to be the gunman himself.

According to the “New York Times” report on the 3rd, the police officer of the Henderson City Police Department in Nevada said at a press conference that the police received a call at about 11 am that day, saying that an apartment building in Henderson may There was a shooting incident. The caller said that he heard a sound similar to a gunshot and saw that someone in the corridor nearby may have suffered a gunshot wound. 

Kuzik said that when the police arrived, they found someone was shot and a suspicious vehicle was parked nearby. When the police tried to communicate with the people in the car, the people in the car suddenly attacked the police. The police broke the gun and shot the people in the car to death. Later on the 3rd, a spokesman for the police station said that no policeman died in the shooting. Kuzik said that the identity of the offender has not been confirmed and the police are still investigating the matter, including what led to the shooting.

The New York Times reported that Belmont, a community resident, said in an interview that when she looked out the apartment window that morning, she noticed about six police cars blaring their sirens and rushing into the building where the incident occurred. “I saw people wearing bulletproof vests holding assault rifles.” Immediately afterwards, gunfire sounded. The city of Henderson has a population of 320,000 and is a few miles southeast of Las Vegas. Belmont said that her community is usually quiet. She said that the only possible reason for this kind of thing should be related to the current election.

This is the second recent shooting in Nevada. According to a report by the National Broadcasting Corporation on the 3rd, on the 1st local time, 24-year-old local resident Mullis walked to the take-out window of a McDonald’s chain store in Elko, northeast of the state, and shot a McDonald’s employee, causing a The female employee died. The man was charged with murder on the 3rd.

4 deaths caused by shooting in Nevada USA!

On the morning of November 3, local time, there was a shooting incident in Henderson, Clark County, Nevada, USA.

After receiving the report, the police exchanged fire with the suspect when they went to the scene for handling.

 Up to now, the accident has caused 4 deaths.

Source: Local American media “8 News Now”

According to the New York Times and many other media reports, the shooting took place near an apartment in Henderson. At about 11 am on the 3rd, the police received a report from the public that there were gunshots and signs of exchange of fire near the apartment, and one of them was suspected of having gunshot wounds.

According to a report from the Henderson City Police, after receiving the report, some of the police officers who went to check the scene had contact with the person involved in the shooting, and the police opened fire when handling the case. As of the current news, a total of 5 people were involved in this incident, of which 4 were dead and 1 was sent to the hospital for rescue. One of the deceased is suspected to be the gunman in the case.

However, the police have not yet notified the specific circumstances of the firefight, and the relationship between the number of shots, the motives of the gunmen, and the persons involved in the case remains to be further investigated.

In addition to the police and media reports, many American media on social networks have forwarded a video that may be the scene of the case. In addition to the sound of gunshots and the sound of dialogue between the police and the person involved, there were also suspected onlookers shouting to the scene of the crime, as well as the laughter and comments of the video shooter.

Since this case occurred before the US election result was announced, many American netizens have made associations with the motive of this case. As there had been speculations that “the United States will have civil unrest after the election”.