Home World U.S.-Mexico border migrant crisis: Five migrant children abandoned at least 11 months old
U.S.-Mexico border migrant crisis: Five migrant children abandoned at least 11 months old

U.S.-Mexico border migrant crisis: Five migrant children abandoned at least 11 months old

by YCPress

Recently, five young children were found abandoned by snakeheads on the U.S.-Mexico border, alone and helpless, the youngest being just 11 months old.

The five girls are from Honduras and Guatemala, the oldest is seven years old and the youngest is only 11 months old. 9, they were found by a farmer in the Texas border town of Kermado. They had spent the whole night in the wild when they were found.

Texas farmers: We found them there, they were crying, they were scared, they didn’t know where their parents were. At 8:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, my husband called me and sent me a picture of five little girls lying on a dirty blanket not far from the river.

Subsequently, U.S. border law enforcement officers transferred five children to temporary shelters.

Farmer: The border migrant crisis is out of control

Several farmers along the Texas border say they often find illegal immigrants crossing the border, and some pass through their farms from time to time.

Texas farmer: From time to time, we see people walking through our farm, and from time to time there are illegally operated vehicles coming to the farm (to pick up immigrants).

The farmer believes the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is out of control.

Crossing rivers, rolling walls, illegal immigrants venture into the United States

Illegal immigrants continue to enter the United States from Mexico. 11, dozens of migrants, mostly women and children, arrived in the United States in rubber dinghies under cover of darkness.

Some time ago, CNN reporters followed snakeheads and documented their journey to lead migrants across the border. Snakehead led two young immigrants from Ecuador trying to cross a border wall into the United States. To avoid being found, they once wandered through the desert. Upon arrival at one location, the snakehead used a pre-prepared ladder to help the two migrants cross the border wall.

CNN Exclusive

Whether crossing a river or crossing a border wall, such smuggling is dangerous. Earlier this month, three people were killed when a stowaway boat capsized off the coast of the U.S. border city of San Diego near Mexico. Footage released at the end of March showed a snake’s head “throwing” two young children over a border wall more than four metres high.

Large numbers of migrants poured into the Mexican border city of Tijuana

In Tijuana, on the Mexican side, large numbers of migrants gathered along the border. It is faced with serious problems of public security, health and epidemic prevention.

Tijuana is a city on Mexico’s northwest border and one of the most important land border crossings along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Because of its proximity to the United States, the city has become a hub for central and South American immigrants, with large numbers of migrants gathering at several temporary settlements in Tijuana, waiting for the U.S. government to allow them to begin the immigration process.

“At a private, spontaneous aid station in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, many migrants lined up at the door to pick up their breakfast, ” said Sheng Jiadi, a reporter at the station. The situation on mexico’s side is getting worse when immigrants gather along the border, especially after the Biden administration took office and made some changes and repetitions to immigration policy, against a backdrop in which many immigrants from Central and South America were unable to enter the United States to apply for asylum and were forced to stay on the Mexican side. The large concentration of migrants has also created security problems on the ground, especially in the context of the outbreak, Mexico still faces the serious test and difficulty of the new crown outbreak.

Tijuana residents: The U.S. has thrown immigrants to Mexico

Currently, U.S. government policy requires these migrants to wait on the Mexican side for the results of their asylum applications. Many Central and South American immigrants who should have been repatriated to their native countries by the United States have also been sent directly to Mexico.

Mexico’s local residents: So many immigrants gather here to create a lot of problems. For example, our city is dirty, these foreigners live on the streets. The U.S. side threw these immigrants to Mexico, and the U.S. has a good time with Mexico on immigration.

The solution to the immigration dilemma remains unclear

Many migrants travel long distances for two months before reaching the border. During the journey, many people were subjected to crimes such as extortion, sexual violence, kidnapping and human trafficking. Finally came to the U.S.-Mexico border, waiting for may be long stay and longer wait.

Honduran immigrants: I’ve been waiting on Tijuana’s side for three years, and I’m still looking for applications to go to the United States, fill out those forms and information.

There are places near settlements where breakfast is provided free of charge to migrants, about 500 breakfasts are delivered every day, and some local residents drive to the area to distribute food to migrants.

Locals in Tijuana, Mexico: We come once a week and we cook them ourselves.