Home Politics Israel’s “ground attack” on Gaza? The Security Council will meet to deal with obstruction by the United States
Israel's "ground attack" on Gaza? The Security Council will meet to deal with obstruction by the United States

Israel’s “ground attack” on Gaza? The Security Council will meet to deal with obstruction by the United States

by YCPress

May 14 2021 The conflict between Israel and Palestine continues. In the early hours of the 14th local time, the Israeli military said it began a ground offensive against Gaza. The U.N. Security Council will hold a public meeting on the 16th to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian situation, after multiple parties suggested a meeting on the 14th, but because of U.S. opposition had to be postponed.

The situation between Israel and Palestine has escalated dramatically

Israel launches ground attack on Gaza?

In the early hours of the 14th local time, the Israeli military said it had begun a ground offensive against the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip, causing tensions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to escalate sharply. “IDF air and ground forces are currently carrying out attacks in the Gaza Strip,” the IDF said on social media. ”

But according to Russian satellite network quoted Israeli security sources reported that the Israeli army is not currently carrying out a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. “We do not confirm or deny information about the start of ground operations,” the military press service said. ”

On the 13th, the Israeli military assembled 9,000 reservists in the Gaza Strip and cancelled all leave for combat troops. Israel’s Defense Ministry called the latest mobilization an “exceptional call.” The army’s chief spokesman also said the army was preparing to use tanks, armoured personnel carriers and artillery “to use this option at any given time.” ”

According to Israeli military statistics, as of the morning of the 13th, the total number of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip has exceeded 1,600. Israel has also renewed its air strikes in Gaza.

Israeli air strikes have killed at least 109 people and wounded 621, according to the Gaza Strip health ministry.

The international community has made urgent good offices

The United States has repeatedly obstructed the Security Council’s intervention

Reuters news said the United Nations Security Council will hold a public meeting on the 16th to discuss the deterioration of the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Earlier, many parties had suggested that the meeting on the 14th, but because of the United States opposition had to be postponed.

The Security Council has held two closed-door videoconferences since October, but has so far been unable to issue a joint statement because of opposition from Israel’s close ally, the United States, to the adoption of the joint statement. Fourteen of the 15 members of the Security Council supported a joint statement, but the U.S. said it would only be “counterproductive,” the sources said.

The source stressed that the idea of a third meeting in a week was being pushed by the Palestinian side. The goal is to “try to bring peace” and to get the Council to express its views on it, as well as to call for a ceasefire between the two sides. Israel, on the other other, refuses to allow the Security Council to intervene in the conflict.

In addition, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also called for an immediate de-escalation of the situation and an end to combat operations.

The israeli-Palestinian feud has been hidden for years

Where will the future go?

Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have been rising since the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in mid-April, the BBC reported. The threat of eviction of some Palestinian families in East Jerusalem has also caused growing anger.

But in fact, the “complaints” between the two sides have been buried for many years, dating back to the 19th century. After World War I, Britain hosted the region, and as the number of Jews coming to Palestine increased, so did the number of violent incidents. Jews say it is the place of origin of their people, but Palestinian Arabs think they own the land.

In 1948, the British trusteeship period ended and the State of Israel was established. Many Palestinians objected, and multinationals intervened and war broke out. In the decades that followed, there were more conflicts and wars in the region. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have fled or been forced to leave their homes, and Israel controls most of the territory.

In the third Middle East war in 1967, Israel occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, as well as much of the Syrian Golan, Gaza and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

On May 12, local time, during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an oil refinery in Gaza was attacked, billowing black smoke.

The majority of Palestine refugees and their descendants live in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as in neighbouring Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Israel does not allow them or their descendants to return to their homes.

Relations between Israelis and Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank have been strained for years. Palestinians claim that they are suffering humanely as a result of Israeli movement and restrictions. Israel says it is only trying to protect itself from Palestinian violence.

What should the Palestinian refugees do, whether Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank should remain or be dismantled, whether the two sides should share Jerusalem… These are issues on which there can be no agreement between Israel and Palestine. Peace talks between the two countries have been going on and on for more than 25 years, but the conflict has not yet been resolved.

Earlier, former U.S. President Donald Trump tried to meddle in relations between the two countries and drew up a peace plan. Mr Netanyahu praised the plan, but the Palestinians saw it as biased in favour of Israel, and it never started.

Reported that any future peace agreement between the two countries will require the two sides to agree to solve some complex issues.

Until then, the conflict will continue.