Home Politics U.S. media revealed that a CIA Officer was killed in Somalia
U.S. media revealed that a CIA Officer was killed in Somalia

U.S. media revealed that a CIA Officer was killed in Somalia

by YCPress

Source: CNN

According to CNN and other American media reports, between 21st and 22nd, a CIA agent in Somalia was injured during the mission and then died of his wounds.

According to U.S. media reports, it was a person familiar with the former top CIA who told him the death of the agent. According to the news, the dead agent was previously a member of the “SEAL” of the U.S. Navy Special Forces. However, the news has not disclosed the name and other information of the agent, nor does it specify the specific content of the mission that led to his death.

According to the data, the United States has set up a “joint task force” composed of several elite U.S. troops and intelligence services in Somalia to cooperate with Somali government forces to combat a number of militant armed groups, including Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

The contingent will provide technical support to the local government forces and assist in completing air strikes, ground assaults and other tasks.

The SEALs that the deceased agent served mainly provided training, technical and tactical training assistance to the local government forces.

It is worth mentioning that on November 17, the Trump administration announced that it was considering withdrawing about 700 U.S. troops deployed in Somalia to the United States.

The New York Times mentioned in the report that there has also been a debate within the CIA about intelligence and counter-terrorism activities in Somalia. Many relevant heads of the CIA believe that the anti-terrorism operations of the U.S. military and their local departments have been ineffective and often have suffered casualties.

The New York Times mentioned that in assessing the risk of the department’s operations everywhere, CIA officials even listed Somalia as a “highly dangerous area”, pointing out that the current counter-terrorism strategies and tactics adopted by the United States on the ground need to be improved.