Home Business U.S. media: Democrats received 320 million “black money” in this year’s election, and Biden is the biggest beneficiary.
U.S. media: Democrats received 320 million "black money" in this year's election, and Biden is the biggest beneficiary.

U.S. media: Democrats received 320 million “black money” in this year’s election, and Biden is the biggest beneficiary.

by YCPress

CNN : Democrats received a total of $320 million in “dark money” in the U.S. election, and the biggest beneficiary was U.S. President-elect Biden. However, Democratic politicians have condemned such anonymous political contributions for the role of American political activities for many years.

More than $320 million in “black money” helped Democrats win the White House and congressional elections in this year’s federal election, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington research organization. The party’s anonymous political donations are more than twice as much, and the biggest beneficiary of such funds this year is Biden.

The Center’s analysis defines “black money” as donations and expenditures from nonprofits that do not disclose sources of funding, including funds flowing from shell companies to politics.

According to the report, this trend of leaning towards the Democratic Party is completely contrary to previous presidential elections, and in the past few rounds of elections, “black money” has overwhelmingly supported the Republican Party.

The analysis investigated the “black money” received by super PACs, as well as funds that nonprofits directly used to campaign or defeat specific candidates for so-called “independent spending money”.

Analysis reveals that One Nation, a nonprofit organization linked to the political operations of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is the largest anonymous donor to date in federal elections, to the “Super PAC Senate” allied with it. The Super PAC Senate Leadership Fund has donated nearly $63 million. So far, the fund has spent more than $246 million in this round of Senate race to help McConnell and Republicans keep their seats in the Senate. The fund and other political bodies recently announced plans to spend about $70 million to put advertisements on television and radio to influence the next second round of the Georgia Senate race.

Analysis shows that three liberal organizations led by the Little Known organization, the Sixteen Thirty Fund, accounted for one-third of the total “black money” donations benefiting from the Democratic Party. The statistic shows that $52 million went from the 1630 Fund to other organizations that actively participated in the 2020 U.S. election.

In recent years, the 1630 Fund has become a hub for left-wing groups, providing administrative, legal and accounting services to liberal programs, and helping Democratic donors donate to other “black money” organizations that suddenly emerged during the 2020 election, targeting vulnerable Republicans. Senator.

In 2019, the 1630 Fund received more than $137 million from anonymous donors, according to a recent report from the U.S. political news network. This includes a donation of $33 million from an unnamed donor.

Federal regulations require nonprofits to publicly specify the amount of each donation they receive, but do not need to provide the names or any identifying information of these donors.

“Given the divisive nature of today’s politics, some of these donors have chosen to remain anonymous,” said Amy Kurtz, executive director of the 1630 Foundation. Kurtz also said that the organization hopes to completely modify the existing campaign finance regulations, but will act in accordance with the rules currently in force. Officials from Priorities USA Action, which supported Biden’s campaign, agreed.