Home Politics Ethiopian Prime Minister Says Civil War Has Been Victorious, ‘PPI Says Fight Continues
Ethiopian Prime Minister Says Civil War Has Been Victorious, 'PPI Says Fight Continues

Ethiopian Prime Minister Says Civil War Has Been Victorious, ‘PPI Says Fight Continues

by YCPress

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed Ali praised his soldiers on Monday for “victoring the rebellion in the north”, but local armed leaders said they would continue to fight. This raises people’s concern that there will be a protracted guerrilla conflict in this country.

According to the report, the war, which lasted for nearly a month, has killed hundreds or even thousands of people. Refugees have flooded into Sudan, putting Eritrea in a difficult position. The war has also affected the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Somalia and deepened the differences between many ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

At the end of last week, the Ethiopian government occupied Mekelle, the capital of Tigray and announced that the “Tiguere People’s Liberation Front” (TPLF) had been defeated.

Militia pose at the entrance of the 5th Battalion of the Ethiopian Army’s Northern Command (Source: AFP)

“Our constitution was attacked, but we didn’t spend three years, only three weeks,” Abi told the country’s parliament. He also compared his military operations to the American Civil War in the 1860s. He also claimed that after the attack launched by the government forces, no civilians were killed or damaged the city of Merclay.

Although the highland city, with a population of 500,000, had little resistance, the Front of Tiren later said that it shot down a warplane and reoccupied a town.

Ethiopian refugees

Debretsion Gebremichael, the leader of the Front, denied reports that he had fled to South Sudan and said that his troops captured some soldiers from neighboring Eritrea near Wukro, about 30 miles north of Merclay. Soldier.

The report also pointed out that since the beginning of the war, telephone and network connections to the Tigray area have been basically disconnected, so the statements of all parties are difficult to confirm.

According to the report, although Abi promised to unite 115 million people in Ethiopia when he took office in 2018, hundreds of thousands of people had to flee their homes due to repeated ethnic bloodshed in the country.

Last year, Abi won the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching a peace agreement with Eritrea, and the Eritrean government also regards the “PFDJ” as an enemy.

It is reported that the “Front Front” is the core party of the former ruling party in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, which once actually controlled the Ethiopian regime.

In December 2019, Prime Minister Abi officially established the new ruling party, the Ethiopian Prosperity Party, excluding the Front. Since then, the contradiction between the two parties has intensified.

Reuters also mentioned that the U.S. State Department reported six explosions in the Eritrean capital Asmara on the evening of the 28th, but did not explain the reason.