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U.S. embassy personnel involved in sexual assault at least 23 female prosecutors found a lot of evidence

by YCPress

October 28. US federal prosecutors claimed that a US embassy worker sexually assaulted at least 23 women and saved more than 400 related photos and videos on his iCloud account.

According to a report by Business Insider.com, prosecutors claimed that Brian Jeffrey Raymond, a staff member of the US Embassy in Mexico, had drugged and sexually assaulted women in the past 10 years. On May 31, the Mexico City police received a call saying that a naked, hysterical woman was desperately calling for help on the balcony of Raymond’s residence.

The Mexican police escorted the victim to an ambulance and noticed her. Seems to have been drugged, and the forensic investigation revealed that Raymond had sex with her without her knowledge. 

After the incident, the FBI began an investigation into Raymond. Court documents show that the Mexican police contacted the US government because the incident occurred in an apartment rented by the US Embassy.

Prosecutors said that this incident triggered a wider investigation. Their investigation of Raymond’s mobile phone found that Raymond had deleted videos of naked and unconscious women. 

After obtaining a search warrant for Raymond’s iCloud account, the prosecutor found about 400 videos and photos related to the investigation. At the same time, the prosecutor also found photos and videos on Raymond’s laptop. 

These photos and videos can be traced back to 2011. Of the 23 confirmed victims, at least 9 were taken in the apartment rented by the US Embassy. A representative of the US State Department temporarily declined to comment.

The prosecutor stated in a detention memo that he continued his behavior even after the prosecution questioned Raymond in June. Prosecutors called Raymond an “experienced sexual offender” and his behavior is “escalating.” 

Court documents show that he was charged with coercion and seduction, forcing a victim to travel with him, thereby sexually abused her. The prosecutor stated in court documents that more serious charges are about to be filed.

Raymond was arrested in San Diego on October 9 and was refused bail. The prosecutor said that considering that he has more than 20 years of civil service career and speaks multiple languages ​​fluently, there is a risk of absconding. The hearing in the Raymond case is scheduled for December 14.