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Tunisia's president announces an extension of the parliamentary moratorium

Tunisia has relaxed its curfew since the 19th

by YCPress

August 18th 2021 reported that Tunisian President Qais Saeed announced the same day, 19 curfew policy adjusted from midnight to 5 o’clock the next day. During this period, all pedestrians and vehicles are prohibited from passing through the country, with additional notice of the end time.

During this period, the following measures will be implemented: all families, private gatherings in closed places will be prohibited, and those who have completed vaccinations will be allowed to participate in private and public gatherings held in open spaces, subject to the relevant epidemic prevention regulations. Restaurants and cafes are closed until 22:00.

On 26 July, Tunisia declared a one-month curfew in the affected area. From 1900 hours to 0600 hours the following day, persons and vehicles were prohibited from crossing the road.