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Trump's legal battle encounters another setback, the appeal is rejected by the US court

Trump’s campaign lawsuit won the US media victory: It won’t change the actual results

by YCPress

New York Post, Trump’s campaign team won a small legal victory on Thursday. A judge in Pennsylvania ruled that some did not provide valid identification before the Monday deadline. Of voters cast a small number of votes.

According to the decision of the Pennsylvania Court of Appeals, counties are forbidden to count mailed ballots that failed to verify the identity of voters based on state records before November 9th.

At the same time, Trump refused to admit that he had lost the election, claiming that there was widespread fraud in the election, and his campaign team launched a lawsuit against the vote counting activities in the swing state.

The report pointed out that Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar (Kathy Boockvar) tried to postpone the deadline for checking votes to this Thursday, but the President of the Federal Court of Justice Mary Hannah Leavitt ruled , She has no right to do that.

According to the report, it is unclear how many votes will not be counted in the result, but this will not affect Biden’s current 54,000 vote advantage in Pennsylvania, because these votes have never been counted in the official result before. in.

In Philadelphia, election officials only found 2,136 ballots that could not verify the identity of voters.

Nevertheless, Trump election adviser Matt Morgan praised the ruling, calling it a “victory for the Trump campaign and voters” in the state.

Morgan said the ruling “supports our consistent claim that the Secretary of State continues to be erratic about legal deadlines, and this is true throughout the election process.”

According to reports, Pennsylvania has always been the focus of the Trump campaign’s legal battle. They claimed that Pennsylvania was “stolen” from Trump and tried to regain the state’s 20 electoral votes.