Home Politics Trump was undercounted by more than 1,600 votes !
Trump was undercounted by more than 1,600 votes !

Trump was undercounted by more than 1,600 votes !

by YCPress

Georgia, the U.S. state that is currently recounting votes in the general election, a local county found that more than 2,600 votes were not counted, and most of them were voted by mainstream American media. Announcing the loss of the current US President Trump.

However, after the news came out, there was a particularly funny incident on the US Internet.

Let me tell you what happened to the over 2,600 votes that were missed.

We all know that although the vast majority of American mainstream and media have announced that the former Democratic Vice President Biden won this year’s U.S. presidential election, in many key states that can determine the outcome of the U.S. election, Biden actually won very much. “risk”. 

For example, in the state of Georgia we are talking about today, Biden is actually only less than a percentage point ahead of Trump.

Therefore, the unwilling Trump and his supporters believed that there was “fraud” in this election and proposed to recount the votes.

As a result, when a county named Freud in Georgia was found to have missed 2,600 votes today, and 1,643 of them were for Trump, many Trump supporters seemed to Grabbing the “life-saving straw” in general, thinking that this proves election fraud, and demanding that the local officials in charge of election affairs step down.

According to reports in the US media, the reason for the omission of these 2600 votes was that a staff member responsible for counting these votes missed the 2600 stored in the memory card of one of the ticket counters when uploading the ballot results. The result of the vote. As for whether this is deliberate fraud or sloppy, people with different positions will definitely come to different conclusions.

However, despite the majority of the 2,600 votes for Trump, 865 of them are for Biden. Therefore, Trump will only add 800 votes in total from the 2,600 missed votes. Although the difference between Trump and Biden’s votes in Georgia is less than one percentage point, that is still a gap of about 14,000 votes. Therefore, the current 800 votes are not enough to catch up with the relatively large gap of 14,000 votes.

As a result, many Internet users who dislike Trump on the Internet in the United States began to ridicule and laugh at Trump and his supporters, saying that they were just holding the poor 800 votes for lust, but they still made up for it. The disadvantage of 14,000 votes.

But the funny thing is that these people who ridiculed Trump were taken away by an equally careless Bloomberg columnist, who mistakenly interpreted Trump’s “net increase” of 800 votes from the 2,600 votes, and misunderstood it as Of the 2,600 votes, Trump only got 800 votes, and the remaining 1,800 votes belonged to Biden.

The picture shows the Bloomberg columnist who got it wrong

But those Internet users who disliked Trump did not realize this mistake. Instead, they launched a hot topic on American social media that “Trump only has 800 votes” and wrote: “Trump took 800 Votes, but Biden got 1,800 votes, and Trump lost again!”

As a result, these people who wanted to laugh at Trump but got the basic facts wrong were instead “slapped in the face” by Trump’s supporters. 

A Trump supporter sarcastically said: It seems that science and mathematics are not the strengths of Bloomberg reporters.

In the equation of Trump’s “net increase of 800” votes, your reporter only deserves 0 points.

Another Trump supporter further sarcastically said: When I was a journalist major, some of my classmates didn’t even know how much 7 times 7 equals… Mathematics is indeed not a strong point of many of us.