Home World A policeman in Greece killed his wife while cleaning up guns
A policeman in Greece killed his wife while cleaning up guns

A policeman in Greece killed his wife while cleaning up guns

by YCPress

November 17th. According to “Greek Times” report, a police officer in Athens, Greece accidentally misfired while cleaning his gun at his home, hitting his wife and killing him. 

The police officer was arrested and faced charges of intentional homicide. On the 15th, the prosecutor determined the case as a “manslaughter” after the preliminary trial and released the police officer on the same day.

According to reports, at 2pm local time on November 14th, the police officer was trying to fix the cleaned gun in the holster. The gun escaped unexpectedly, and the only bullet hit his wife at close range.

The police officer sent his wife to the hospital, but when she arrived at the hospital, her wife had died. On the same day, the Attica security guard temporarily charged the police officer with “intentional homicide”.

It is reported that the police officer is 43 years old and works at the headquarters of the Greek police. His wife is 41 years old and the two have a 12-year-old child.

When the incident happened, the child was in the next room. When asked why he wanted to bring the gun home, he said that the police department recently allowed officers to carry the gun with them and attend duty at any time. But he didn’t know that there was a bullet in the gun.

The result of the police investigation stated that the officer’s cleaning and fixing operations of the gun were in compliance with the regulations.

On the morning of the 15th, the Piraeus prosecutor determined that this incident was a “manslaughter” and the follow-up will be handed over to a regular court for trial. The police officer has been released, but he will be confiscated with a gun and suspended from duty before the court verdict.

As soon as this incident occurred, the Greek people disputed the verdict. Some people mentioned another incident of accidental killing by a police officer at the end of October and pointed out that the police should strengthen the management and training of guns to avoid the recurrence of the tragedy.