Home Politics Trump was shouted by the party: Stop selfishly attacking Georgia and affecting the overall situation of Senate control.
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Trump was shouted by the party: Stop selfishly attacking Georgia and affecting the overall situation of Senate control.

by YCPress

Some Republicans warned that U.S. President Trump, who still refuses to admit defeat in the election, may affect Republicans’s “control” of winning the Senate if he continues to “attack” Georgia’s Republican officials and the state’s electoral system.

Although U.S. President-elect Biden has more votes than Trump in Georgia, some Republicans are worried that Trump will use this reason to “magnify” his long-standing “vote bullying” because the gap is less than 0.5%. The accusation of fraud. They said that Trump’s “selfish pursuit” may depress Republican voter turnout in the Georgia Senate election and affect Republicans’s “control” to win the Senate.

At present, Democrats are sure to win 48 seats in the Senate and Republicans are sure to win 50 seats. If Democrats can win Georgia’s re-election on January 5 next year, they will share 50 seats equally in the Senate. When the Senate votes are even, they can rely on Vice President-elect Harris as the senator. The key vote of the president of the court broke the deadlock. With neither candidate in Georgia more than 50% of the vote, the election will be held again on January 5 next year.

Politico reports that despite Trump’s call for his supporters to vote for the Republican candidate, he has also continuously attacked Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State and Governor, who in an interview with Fox News called himself “shame” of supporting Georgia Governor Kemp in 2018, and On November 30, local time, he criticized Kemp for “bad luck” and questioned why he did not “reject” state secretary Raffenspegg to prove Biden’s victory after the previous ballot.

In response, former senior Republican delegate for the Senate Intelligence Committee, Chambers, said, “It’s time to end this.” He pointed out that Trump needs to show his support for the two Georgia Republican candidates, rather than “talking about his own game”. Former Georgia Republican Governor Robinson believes that Trump should “sent a strong and forward-looking message” and tells people to “enthusiasticly support” Georgia’s Republican candidate. Sterling, the executive manager of the Georgia election voting system and a Republican, called Trump’s lawsuit against the vote “crazy” and “absurd”.

According to the report, Trump plans to visit Georgia on December 5 to support Republican candidates Perdue and Loveler. At present, more and more Republicans openly say that they hope that Trump will not mention doubts about the result of the vote in the election campaign.