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The U.S. Supreme Court allows prosecutors to obtain Trump's tax bill. Trump tried his best to prevent the exposure of tax records.

Trump is “disliked” by his neighbors

by YCPress

Trump’s “retirement life” is a little bad.

Originally, he planned to “think about life” at sea lake Manor after leaving office, but now he may be expelled from the manor.

However, the former president’s fan base is favored by many Republicans.

After all, his more than 70 million votes are the second largest in the history of the U.S. election.

Republicans seem to have calmed down from the Capitol riots recently, and their ties with Trump have once again been close.

On January 28th, local time, Kevin McCarthy, a minority leader of the House of Representatives and Republican, went to Sea Lake Manor in Palm Beach to meet with Trump.

The two said that the meeting was “very friendly and kind”.

Some Palm Beach residents say they don’t want to have contact with Trump.

According to CNN, Trump bought the private house Sea Lake Manor in Palm Beach in Florida in 1985.

He then converted it into a social club for profit in 1993.

To turn this private home into an “receiving project,” Trump needs to accept the rules and restrictions of Palm Beach.

For example, the club cannot have more than 500 members, and the number of members, including Trump, can not stay at Sea Lake Manor in Palm Beach for more than seven consecutive days, or the total stay of each year cannot exceed three weeks.

However, during his presidency alone, Trump and club members used Sea Lake Manor in Palm Beach far more than the above figures.

Now that Trump still wants to live here permanently, Palm Beach residents have accused him of violating previous residence agreements.

According to CNN, residents of Palm Beach did not support Trump’s permanent residence of the club after leaving office.

There are even many Sea Lake Manor in Palm Beach loyal residents who don’t want to have any more connection with Trump and are planning to leave it, “they think it’s a very frustrating place,” historian Lawrence Limer told Microsoft-NBC.

The mayor of Palm Beach said that the town lawyer is reviewing the use agreement to determine whether Trump can live at Sea Lake Manor in Palm Beach.

It is expected that this matter will be a topic in the town council held on February 9th local time.

Trump still has influence in the Republican Party.

Even as he has become a “former president” and faces a second impeachment trial, Trump still maintains influence in the Republican Party.

Whether he is a Republican “feder” or a Trump ally, he is probably willing to help him solve this small problem.

On January 28th, local time, Kevin McCarthy, a minority leader of the House of Representatives and Republican, went to Sea Lake Manor in Palm Beach, Florida to meet with Trump.

They discussed the GOP’s strategy to win the midterm elections in 2022, according to a statement from the Trump PAC meeting of “Save America.” The statement said that the meeting was “very friendly and kind”.

Subsequently, McCarthy issued a statement indicating that he was in line with Trump, pointing out that Trump promised to help Republicans win seats in the midterm elections in both houses of Congress.

McCarthy also called for intra-party unity, accusing Democrats of trying to impeach a former president who has become a commoner to divide the Republican Party, and that Democrats’ radical agenda must be stopped in the national interest.

Currently, of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrats are narrowly ahead of the Republican Party by 221:21, with three more seats vacant.

There is no doubt that McCarthy is looking forward to recapturing the House of Representatives.

McCarthy is not the only one who has shown his goodwill to Trump. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader who once criticized Trump for instilling lies in supporters, has also “conceded”.

On January 26th, local time, the Senate voted on whether impeachment of Trump is unconstitutional.

McConnell chose to side with Trump and considered impeachment unconstitutional.

In addition, people familiar with the matter told the U.S. political news website Politico that the Republican National Committee also plans to invite Trump to participate in the spring donor conference, when potential presidential candidates in 2024 will participate with other Republican leaders.

Fox News noted that the series of moves show that most Republicans are not ready to completely “cut” with Trump, and it can be predicted that Trump will play a role in Republican politics in the coming years.

U.S. media: Although Trump has left, Trumpism is still there.

After the Capitol riots, most Republicans, including McConnell and McCarthy, condemned Trump, and at one point thought that the Republican Party would eventually draw a line with Trump.

However, only three weeks after the riots, Trump’s influence has reappeared.

The Washington Post analysis pointed out that although Trump has left, Trumpism is still there.

Polls show that despite the Capitol riots, Trump is still very popular among Republican voters. Many of them even think they prefer to support Trump rather than the Republican Party.

Republican strategist Alex Conant said that Republicans are not trying to win Trump’s support.

What they really want is Trump’s voter base.” Trump left the office with a huge power vacuum, who was the one who could unite the Republicans best.”

Although Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, he won more than 70 million votes, the second largest number of votes since the U.S. election, and Trump became the loser with the highest number of votes.

The Associated Press pointed out that in the face of the midterm elections, Republicans had to seek Trump’s political support again.

“I just want to make sure the GOP can grow and make a comeback, Republicans need Trump and Trump needs us,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham.

According to CNN, there are actually many people within the Republican Party who want to stay away from Trump. Two people familiar with the matter revealed to CNN that McCarthy had been warned not to meet Trump, for example, because it would only make him look “weak”.

For McCarthy, however, he is more concerned about how to get the Republican Party back to the House and make him the Speaker of the House, instead turning to Trump for help to win voters.