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Trump is angry and wants to attack friendly forces

by YCPress

According to a report on the US Axios news website on the 12th, a source said that the current US President Trump told his friends that he wanted to set up a digital media company to defeat Fox News and compete with this conservative-friendly news media in the United States. .

Trump is angry and wants to attack friendly forces

Some Trump advisers believe that Fox News made a mistake in announcing the US election result “Biden won in Arizona” this week, which angered Trump and gave him a real reason to attack the media. A source who understands Trump’s intentions said, “There is no doubt that he plans to beat Fox.”

The source said that although there have been many speculations that Trump plans to set up a cable channel by himself, it is expensive and time-consuming to broadcast live programs through cable channels. Therefore, Trump is considering the establishment of an online digital media channel, which is cheaper and faster. In addition, Trump’s digital media company may charge monthly fees for its fan base, with the goal of replacing Fox News as their preferred media.

Sources said Trump will spend a lot of time attacking Fox News.

Among the mainstream media in the United States, the conservative Fox News Network has always been a “pro” Trump media. Trump himself often watches Fox Channel programs and maintains friendly relations with some hosts. He often accepts interviews from the media. But recently, Trump has frequently criticized Fox News, saying it “has changed a lot.”

Trump has increasingly complained that Fox News has interviewed more Democrats than in the past. He also promoted other conservative media, such as One America News and Newsmax, to stimulate Fox News.

Trump said in an interview with the Fox program on polling day in the United States, “Fox has changed a lot. Someone asked me: What is the biggest difference between now and 4 years ago? I said Fox. I am not complaining, I just tell people, This is one of the biggest differences between now and before.”