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Russia: The response will be devastating

Russia: The response will be devastating

by YCPress

Azerbaijan’s State News Agency said on Friday that Azerbaijan’s presidential assistant Shikmet Gagiyev said that the Azerbaijani government believes that the country’s ambassador to Russia, Pollad Byolibyoli Ogo Lu’s statement that he had previously shot down a Russian Mi-24 helicopter by mistake was inappropriate.

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Russia Pollard Biuli Biuli Ogolu

Gagiyev pointed out that Azerbaijan considers the ambassador’s previous comments “inappropriate”, adding that this incident will not damage relations between Russia and Azerbaijan. In addition, the Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia’s remarks on the status of the Naka region did not recognize the essence of the problem, which is unacceptable. The head of the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan and other officials should avoid making arbitrary statements that contradict the official position of the country and the policies of President Aliyev.

Wreckage of the downed Russian Mi-24 helicopter

Earlier in an online press conference held on Thursday, when commenting that the country’s army had accidentally shot down a Russian helicopter in Armenian airspace, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador Pollard said, “War is war, and everything can happen. “The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in response, “This statement is a major mistake. If Russia follows the principle of’war is war’, then the response (to the downed Mi-24) will be devastating. However, Moscow does. I accepted Baku’s acknowledgment and apology.”

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that Russia expects the Azerbaijani side to find out the truth and punish those responsible as soon as possible, as promised by its President Aliyev. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also hopes that the Azerbaijani side will no longer make any vague statements about this tragic event.

On November 9, a Russian Mi-24 helicopter was shot down in Armenian airspace on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Two crew members were killed and one person was injured. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan admitted that the helicopter was accidentally shot down by the country’s armed forces. Many officials, including the president, apologized and stated that Baku was ready to pay Moscow.