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Biden's road to power is full of challenges when he enters the White House.

Transition team adviser: Biden does not need to contact Trump

by YCPress

November 26 As the transition to the U.S. regime began, various departments of the Trump administration began to communicate with Biden’s team, but Trump himself did not talk to Biden. On the 25th local time, consultants of Biden’s transition team said that Biden “do not need” to contact Trump in order to obtain all kinds of information.

According to Newsweek on the 25th, when talking about government information such as national security, foreign policy and the response to the epidemic, Kate Bedingfield, an adviser to the transition team, said: “We don’t think it is necessary for a president-elect like Biden to talk to Trump to get that information.” She noted that the team had begun to receive the information they needed.

Bedingfield went on to say: “Of course, if Trump wants to communicate with Biden, it will be something we need to solve in the future. But is this critical to advancing the transition process? No.”

On the 24th, Biden said in an interview with NBC that he had not directly communicated with Trump since the American media announced his victory. But Biden went on to say that if Trump offered to meet, he would “of course” agree. Meanwhile, the Biden team said that by the evening of the 24th, they had contacted more than 50 agencies and committees, including each of the main offices under the White House presidential office, as well as national security and foreign policy officials.

Previously, U.S. media reports mentioned that Biden and his running mate Harris will receive daily presidential briefings from November 30. Although it has been nearly three weeks since contacting these institutions, the attitude of the other party is friendly and professional. “Many of them have been preparing for this for months,” Bedingfield said.